Last month, we posted Goob’s entry into DirecTV’s “Ultimate Displaced Fan” Contest, and begged for your votes. Well, apparently you guys came through, because out of the more than 3000 entries into the contest, Goob’s was chosen from among the finalists as the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!

That’s right, our very own Goob Theoharris is DirecTV’s 2010 Ultimate Displaced Fan. As part of his Grand Prize, Goob wins a trip to the Super Bowl in Dallas! As his videographer skills were honed right here at B’More Birds’ Nest (and some of his past Nest videos were a big part of his winning entry), Goob is being kind enough to take me along as his guest.

So, next month will be “NestMinder and Goob Do Dallas” time here at the Nest.

Also as part of his win, Goob gets to hang out with his favorite Raven for a full media tour, and play in the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Flag Football Game, where he will be catching passes from the likes of Joe Montana or Steve Young, and hopefully matching up in (wo)man coverage with Marisa Miller.

Here is a video of last year’s winner for an idea of what Goob has in store (minus Whines Hard, of course):

Congratulations, Goob. This whole thing is absolutely insane, and is still sinking in for the both of us.

We’ll be at the Super Bowl. Unfortunately – although we had seen this contest win as a GREAT sign for them when we first found out last week – the Ravens will not be joining us.  In an even crueler twist of fate, should Rex Ryan’s Jets not be able to pull off a huge upset on Sunday night, we’ll have to go watch the mf’ing Pittsburgh Steelers play in the Super Bowl.

It’s like the universe is playing a terrible, terrible joke on us.  It’s as if we made a deal with the devil – but instead of getting our souls, we have to watch the Steelers play in the big game.  Can’t wait to be surrounded by Steelers’ “fans” that grew up in Arlington and Fort Worth, Texas.

At least we’ll get to cheer against them, I guess?


Here is the full press release, lest you think we are joking:,1622732.html



  1. Matt Says:

    What nothing on Bisciotti reading the list of complants of the fans?

    At least they aren’t raising season tickets prices next year. Woo Hoo!!!

  2. NestMinder Says:

    “Biscotti” is the man. That shit was hilarious.

  3. Conoonk Says:


    Congratulations man!

    Although you’re going to have to suffer watching the Steelers.. you still get to hang out with your favorite Raven for a day. Good to have some recognition for our fans and how we’re one of the best and most loyal in the NFL— represent!


  4. Pete Shaulis Says:

    Oh Goob,

    Pretty much the only reason I am excited for the Super Bowl at this point is to see your video on the media tour and outside the stadium. I know you’ll be busting the balls of the Steelers players and fans! May I suggest your first question… “Do you think that the NFL will be embarrassed to give the game to a twice accused rapist, OR when they give the game to Pittsburgh, is it for NFL to redeem their fallen son?”. Give ’em hell, buddy.

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