Mattison Leaves Ravens for Michigan; Pagano Promoted

In a somewhat surprising – but nonetheless very welcome – move, Ravens’ defensive coordinator Greg Mattison decided this evening to leave Baltimore to join the Michigan Wolverines to take the same position.

While I believe Mattison was the recipient of some slightly unfair criticism during his two years as mastermind of the Ravens’ defense – his units finished #3 and #10, respectively – I’m not absolving him of his share of the blame for Saturday’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Divisional round of the playoffs. Mattison’s decision to use his patented 3-man rush on the 3rd-and-19 that the Steelers would ultimately convert is, in my mind, a fire-able offense on its own.

The Ravens immediately announced that secondary coach Chuck Pagano would be taking over for Mattison. Pagano, 50, has been with the Ravens since 2008. He has previously coached at the University of North Carolina (defensive coordinator), in Oakland with the Raiders (defensive backs), in Cleveland with the Browns (secondary), and at the University of Miami (defensive backs) among other stops.

Let’s hope Pagano’s first act as DC is to rip out every page from the Ravens’ defensive playbook that has the words “3-man rush” on it.

Oh, and, hey Michigan – you guys need an offensive coordinator too, riiiiiight?


7 Responses to “Mattison Leaves Ravens for Michigan; Pagano Promoted”

  1. Matt Says:

    This may be a stretch because we have to give Ngata an extension but Pagano was in Oakland and helped develop Nmandi. Could this mean that Nmandi could be wearing purple next year?

  2. NestMinder Says:

    HUUUUUGE stretch, my man. With the offense (again) being the side of the ball that hugely let us down in the playoffs, I can’t justify investing that much money on defense this offseason. They need speed, and need it in spades.

  3. Matt Says:

    You been hearing the Plaxico rumors. Just what we need another over the hill slow wide reciever. That why I was crushed when the Cowboys took Dez Bryant. I would love to have a 25 year old Quarterback throwing passes to a 22 year old dynamic wide recevier. But nooo we had to have the old man wide reciever corp. I hated when we signed Douchemandzedeh. wish the Ravens kept Clayton. Sure he dropped passes but at least he had some speed on him.

  4. Ramone Says:

    Great website. Love the YouTube rants. Any light you can shed on Mattison and his D for Michigan fans? The good, bad and ugly. Thanks Go Blue!

  5. Matt Says:

    Here hoping the 3 man rushes can help Michigan beat Ohio State.

  6. NestMinder Says:


    Thanks for the kind words. Matti will be a good college coach, just like he was at Florida. He was a decent NFL coordinator (again, his teams finished 3rd and 10th), but sometimes was way more conservative than we like to see in Baltimore. However, don’t judge him for a few years – until the new regime can get some decent players to Ann Arbor. No coach could do anything with that defense they had up there last season – woof.

    Good luck, Blue.

    /Ohio State hater
    /also Rich Rod hater
    /Can now cheer for Michigan again

  7. Matt Says:

    Mattison is a pretty good college coordinator. He was the D-Coordinator in Florida when Florida crushed Ohio State in the BCS championship a few years ago. I know if you are a Michigan fan you should excited by that fact.

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