Steelers Fan Faceplant

Just saw this on Deadspin.

Sure, the guy in the video can only be definitively identified as a Pittsburgh PENGUINS fan…but all Penguins fans are also Steelers fans, right?

This is a safe assumption, I believe.

And hell “Baltimore’s” hockey team, the Washington Capitals, have already won at Heinz Field in 2011, having won the “Winter Classic” on New Years Day. Let’s hope our football team follows suit.



12 Responses to “Steelers Fan Faceplant”

  1. Christmas Ape Says:

    And hell “Baltimore’s” hockey team, the Washington Capitals, have already won at Heinz Field in 2011

    Co-opting the Capitals? And you rail against bandwagon fans. Hilarious. Doesn’t the Bawlmer inferiority complex demand that you hate everything to do with D.C.? Way to contradict yourself.

  2. NestMinder Says:

    I’m not a Caps fan. I don’t give a shit about hockey. But apparently lots of Bawlmerians do, and are.

    Baltimore’s love affair with the Caps continued. The Winter Classic earned its third-highest ratings in that market, with a 6.6 rating and an 11 share. The story of Baltimore’s increasing obsession with the Caps has yet to be written, but it’s a pretty cool one. Richmond finished eighth in the ratings; Baltimore and Richmond were the only non-NHL cities in the top 10.

  3. NestMinder Says:

    Also, going with the NEAREST TEAM is not bandwagon jumping. If you live in Baltimore, Caps are the closest thing you have to a hockey team.

  4. NestMinder Says:

    Oh, and yes – FUCK DC.

  5. Christmas Ape Says:

    Haven’t you claimed that when the Colts left Baltimore people generally didn’t switch to the Redskins because the sentiment is to hate everything that comes out of Warrrrshington? If you all had to have a team, wouldn’t you just root for the Flyers?

    As for the bandwagon – the Caps fan base is largely bandwagon (or at best, extremely fairweather) to begin with. D.C. people didn’t even care about the Caps until about three years ago. So we’re supposed to believe all their loyal fans were situated in Bawlmer? Yeah, sure.

  6. NestMinder Says:

    Many people did switch to the Redskins. Many others went with the inferiority complex and said ‘F them.’

    I have no idea about the makeup of the Caps’ fan base. Seems to me like that Leonsis guy is just doing a bang-up job and making them infinitely more likable, so bully on him. FWIW, had a guy on Twitter that is a Ravens-Pens fan in Pittsburgh say that the Pens have their share of fairweather Johnny-Come-Latelys as well.

    Stop talking about Hoc-key!

  7. Christmas Ape Says:

    You brought it up. The Pens have some bandwagoners, sure. But there was literally no interest in the Caps in D.C. until Ovechkin proved he’d be one of the premier players in the sport. Even when the team went to the SCF in ’98, no one gave a shit. Every home game was majority road fans for years and years.

    End hockey talk.
    /fuck Caps and Ravens

  8. Matt Says:

    I always refer to the Caps what what Skins fans do between disapointing seasons. Besides talking about bandwagoners didn’t the Penguins almost move to Kansas City.

  9. Christmas Ape Says:

    Besides talking about bandwagoners didn’t the Penguins almost move to Kansas City.

    So you’re saying Baltimore has shitty football fans because they had a franchise move? Interesting take.

  10. Matt Says:

    Who doesn’t love a thinned skinned Stillers fan with an inferiority complex.

  11. NestMinder Says:

    This guy definitely spit out some teeth after he gave the “I’m OK!” salute, right?

  12. Goob Theoharris Says:

    I envy Ape… he gets to sit at home all day long and have nerd fights with bloggers.

    I love having a job but that must be pretty cool. #Jealous

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