Goob's Steelers Hate Week III Video

Even after already having graced us with three hate-filled Steelers videos already this season, Goob Theoharris still has plenty of vitriol left for Round 3 between these two heavyweights.

From Terry Bradshaw and Merrill Hoge to “displaced” Steelers fans and Big Ben’s so-called “engagement,” our resident Woody Harrelson lookalike is hitting on all cylinders this time around.



16 Responses to “Goob's Steelers Hate Week III Video”

  1. LowBlow Says:

    Good to see you’re comparing yourself to Browns fans! In the spirit of low blows… we all found out the Reed brothers cant handle the Mississippi, do you really think Eddie will survive Three Rivers?? Too soon?

  2. NestMinder Says:

    Stay classy, Utah!

  3. Matt Says:

    Atta Boy Goob!!!! It’s your Hit Em Up.

  4. Matt Says:

    Lett the hate flow

  5. Christmas Ape Says:

    I come here for hate and get a gap-toothed retard wasting seven minutes with warmed-over rambling about Polamalu commercials that he’s already gagged on and complaints about Cowher, Bradshaw and Hoge? Do the Ravens need to lose in the playoffs again for you to summon something decent?

    Meh, whatever, I’ll play along.

    Siragusa is bad as Bradshaw. And Billick is every bit the homer that Cowher is on TV. At least Cowher doesn’t announce the games, so you don’t get smug ball-washing for players he drafted.

    Two rape charges, huh? Did you file them? Because no other cops have. I guess since we’re making up criminal charges, Suggs is also an attempted murderer for trying to poison a woman to death. Don’t even need to make shit up for Ray-Ray and Stallworth. Flacco has a prior on his record for public indecency for dropping his balls on the ground when he sees Polamalu.

    Bitterness is no substitute for actual hate. Try harder next time.

  6. Matt Says:

    Well It’s Goob’s Hit Em Up and since you are here I think it was pretty accurate. So you ready for our battle for the rights to get fisted by the Patriots next week?

  7. Goob Says:

    I love how this ass clown thinks that saying that I am “gap toothed” that it’ll bother me. If you look back to one of my first videos, it wasn’t about the Steelers so Ape didn’t see it I said I’m the second best gap toothed guy in front if the camera behind Michael Strahan.

    Fuck you Ape, you’re a douche and a pain in the ass. I’m sorry you had 7 minutes wasted.

    I can’t wait to not hear from you for 8 months after this week.

  8. NestMinder Says:

    gap-toothed retard

    Speaking of bitter, Ape is just salty that Woody Harrelson is widely considered a better looking man than Michael Rappaport or Josh Scobee.

    (this may not actually be true. Female readership? All one of you? What say you?)

  9. NestMinder Says:

    So you ready for our battle for the rights to get fisted by the Patriots next week?

    Wouldn’t we all rather have Tom Brady’s gorgeous fist implanted in us than get a rape-fisting from Pig Ben in some dank ass bathroom?

  10. Matt Says:

    This is why we don’t have female responders. I bet you Tom probably uses moisterizer. Ben probably uses motor oil. Even if we lose at least we don’t have to face facts that our badass football team lost to a Quarterback with the same hair cut as Jennifer Aniston.

  11. Christmas Ape Says:

    Fuck you Ape, you’re a douche and a pain in the ass. I’m sorry you had 7 minutes wasted.

    See, there you go. It’s like you actually got a little worked up. I should have chimed in before you made the video.

    Better to lose to the Pats than suffer a playoff loss to a division rival. NO ONE DENIES THIS, etc.

    Also nice to read about Nest’s preference is fisting. I’m sure Stallworth could give you some pointers about receiving (obviously not in the sense of catching passes, ’cause he doesn’t do that) from his year in the joint.

  12. NestMinder Says:

    I fully expect Cameron to try some cute bullshit out of the Stallworth WR reverse play this week. Fake/Stallworth throws it/somesuch.

    I’m just hoping for a 10 yard loss as opposed to a turnover.

  13. Scott Says:

    Haha. Who is this clown? If he annoys you that much, Goob, just IP ban him. It is not difficult to do if you need assistance. However, I admire his ability to rile you two using the typical insults that you get from just about every Steelers fan that comes out of the woodwork during winning seasons.

    “Two rape charges, huh? Did you file them? Because no other cops have.”

    … and Michael Jackson was never convicted of child molestation, but you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that he was down on more little boy penis than the Catholic church. Face it, your hero is just as flawed as your favorite Raven, Ray Lewis. Normal people don’t get accused of rape once, let alone twice. That is, unless they happen to be…



    wait for it…

    a rapist! =)

    I don’t play the back and forth name-calling game, but just this once I shall call you a cunt and bid you adieu.

  14. NestMinder Says:

    No, no IP banning. All are welcome. Ape is our favorite Heel.

  15. NestMinder Says:

    Unless he shows up gloating like a fresh University of Phoenix grad in the unlikely event that the Steelers win Sunday. Those comments will likely be deleted.

  16. Christmas Ape Says:

    Aww – that’s not very sporting. Because I know you and your readers will flood KSK and DCSN with gloating should the Ravens finally get one over on the Stillers and defeat Roethlisberger. Of course, they apparently needed a “miracle” to beat Charlie Batch on the road, so they may have exhausted their supply for the year. Also, it would require Ed Reed to actually do something against the Steelers for once.

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