Goob's Pregame Thoughts: Ravens-Bungles

After a brief holiday hiatus, Goob Theoharris is back in front of the camera to give us his thoughts on the Ravens’ Week 17 match up against the Cincinnati Bengals.  This time around, he rubs our faces in all his Ravens-related Christmas presents, talks about man-boobs (but doesn’t rub our faces in his, thankfully), and repeatedly refers to the Bengals as “The Bangles” (please excuse him).


5 Responses to “Goob's Pregame Thoughts: Ravens-Bungles”

  1. NestMinder Says:

    So you’re one of the dummies I was hating on on Twitter today huh? Marvin won’t magically make our aging defense a Top 5 unit again. A blind deaf sloth could have coached the 2000 defense. Constant pressure with the front four, most athletic linebackers in the game, a stud shut-down CB, and Rod ‘freakin Woodson as a safety.

    If any coordinator needs to go, it’s Cam. Mattison’s defense is still Top 10. The offense, even with Boldin and Housh and Stallworth, is 20th – the worst it’s been since Joe/John/Cam got here. Unacceptable.

    Unless, ya know, they turn it on in the playoffs (fingers crossed) and suddenly score 30+ for the next 5 games.

  2. urmom Says:

    Good towson joke

  3. Matt Says:

    Well the Raiders have a shot of going 8-8 this weekend. I mean that is something to look forward to. If they go 8-8 we don’t go to Indianapolis instead we have to go to Arrowhead.

  4. urmom Says:

    I don’t think Marvin can do offense coordination

  5. Matt Says:

    But Jim Zorn can, don’t tell me he left his bag of tricks in Landover. Hellllllllllooooooooooo Swinging Gate. Actually think he just did that play to give Dan Snyder the middle finger on national televison.

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