More Rex Ryan Escapades

I can justify posting this on a Ravens site because:

If the internet detectives are correct, and this is indeed Rex Ryan and his wife engaging in some Youtube foot fetish fun, then the alleged filming incidents likely occurred while Rex was in Maryland and a member of the Ravens organization.

If you haven’t heard yet, go here and check out Deadspin’s feature.

Wow. I mean, the Jets have had some interesting scandals already this year (Hard Knocks, Jen Sterger, Ines Sainz, Sal Alosi), but damn…who would have guessed that it would be Mrs. Ryan that would ultimately provide perhaps the most ridiculous, off-the-wall of them all?

Apparently the Rex Ryan “kharacter” that Drew Magary of KSK has created really isn’t all that far from dead-on accurate.

I keep waiting for Brian Billick to make a cameo in one of these videos.


2 Responses to “More Rex Ryan Escapades”

  1. Matt Says:

    Well maybe it’s Rob Ryan’s voice in the video. I quite enjoyed the fact that Rex and his wife are swingers. Rex Grossman now have to give up the nickname. Rex Ryan is now Sexy Rexy. Maybe they can invite Tom Coughlin in their fun. I hear he is into verbal humiliation too. Between Hard Knocks, The Mexican Reporter, Braylon’s DUI, Jenn Sterger and the tripping of the Dolphins player and now this. The Jets are now the most entertaining team in the NFL.

  2. Matt Says:

    Even better Rex Ryan and his wife got a 10,000 dollar offer from a porno company to sign autographs at a porno convention.

    The Tarantino of Tootsies is a great nickname

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