Flacco Clarifies "Elite QB" Comments on Dan Patrick Show

Joe Flacco was a guest on Thursday’s “Dan Patrick Show,” and he attempted to clarify some of the comments he made leading up to the “Monday Night Football” game against the Houston Texans. The MNF crew reported that Flacco told them “he is an elite quarterback.” That assertion has been scrutinized both locally and nationally, as people got a little miffed at Flacco seemingly putting himself in the same category as a Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Drew Brees.

Flacco says that, basically, he was just annoyed with the way the MNF guys were all up in his business about how he can play better.

“Ron [Jaworski] and [Jon] Gruden were putting it on me, and I didn’t feel like dealing with that in a production interview…it got under my skin a little bit.”

Joe says that they asked him the same question twice, and that he was trying to get out of the meeting and go to dinner.

I can’t blame Joe here. Good for him for telling those talking head dipshits what they wanted to hear so they would shut up. His main point is that he feels like he’s playing pretty well of late, and giving his team a chance to win. No arguments here.

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking the link below:

Joe Flacco on Dan Patrick Show


9 Responses to “Flacco Clarifies "Elite QB" Comments on Dan Patrick Show”

  1. Matt Says:

    I hate to say this and sound like a homer but Joe Flacco is on his way to becoming an elite Quarterback. How do you measure eliteness in a quarterback. Wins? Joe Flacco is 29-16 as a starter not including the Playoffs. Playoff wins? He is 3-2 and all of those games were on the road. Statstics? He thrown for 3,223 yards 21 TDs 8 interceptions and a QB rating of 94.3 this season. If you also remembered 4 of those interceptions happend in one game. He is also 193 yeards away from being the first Ravens Quarterback to have 10,000 yards in his career as a Raven. Durablity which is an underrated quality in a Quarterback, he has started every game in his NFL career. If you don’t think he is on his way to becoming an elite quarterback ask Sean Payton he knows something about Quarterbacks.



  2. NestMinder Says:

    Not being a homer. I agree. The numbers back it up. If we could get the guy some damn protection, he’d be scary good.

  3. Matt Says:

    I am still happy with the way the franchise is going. Just need to get another O-lineman, Linebacker (Still have Kindle after his Redshirt Year) or a young reciever. I like Joseph Barksdale from LSU in the second round. I just want a Ravens jersey with the last name Barksdale on the back for the Wire reference. You know the Washington Redskins is the gift that keeps on giving. The Has Been Coach (Shanahan) is going from the Has Been Quarterback they traded a Second Rounder (McNabb) for for the Never Was (Grossman). There is one jolly old fat guy laughing right now in Philadelphia and it’s not Santa. I am starting to feel bad for Redskins fans but then I realize how much crap I’ve gotten from Redskins fans for “abandoning” the Redskins for the Ravens. I just laugh how much of Dumpster Fire the Redskins have been.

  4. HereWeGo Says:

    It’s playoff time in fantasy football…”Elite” Joe Flacco tomorrow or Roethlisberger at home vs the Jets??

  5. NestMinder Says:


  6. Matt Says:

    I’d go with Joe. The Steelers Offense has been struggling lately. One 2 Touchdowns in 3 games. Wallace is going to be on Revis Island and Miller will probably be out for the game due to the concussion. The only Steelers player I actually like this week is Mendenhall and Steelers Defense because the word Mark Sanchez and “elite” should never be in the same sentence. Unless it’s Mark Sanchez is not an elite Quarterback.

  7. HereWeGo Says:

    Haha thanks fellas, guess I gotta root for Joe today…

  8. NestMinder Says:

    Flacco 17.9, Ben 17.3


  9. Matt Says:

    Mendenhall 21 points in my league


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