Second Half Woes Plaguing Ravens' Offense

For about two and a half seasons, Ravens fans expressed frustration with Joe Flacco for his continual poor starts to games.  In the first half, the offense seemed to always come out sleepwalking, and slow starts became synonymous with the Ravens’ attack.

Lately though, there has been a role reversal.

Over the past four games, the Ravens’ offense has scored eight touchdowns in the first half – two against Carolina, two against Tampa Bay, one against Pittsburgh, and three against Houston.  Throw in a couple field goals, and they have put up 62 points in the first half of those four games; a very respectable average of 15.5 points per first half.

However, they have not scored a post-halftime offensive touchdown since the Atlanta game, managing nothing but field goals in the final thirty minutes of the last four games.

  • Carolina – 1 field goal, 2 defensive touchdowns
  • Tampa – no scoring
  • Pittsburgh – 1 field goal
  • Houston – 1 special teams touchdown

That’s just six total points put up by the offense in the second half over the last four games – a pitiful 1.5 points per second half average.

The one common denominator in all four of these games?

The Ravens held a halftime lead (17-3, 17-0, 7-0, 21-7).

Looks like “Cam Ball” is in full effect.

Whether or not it is a matter of the offense going into a self-imposed shell, or of the Ravens’ opponents simply doing that much better of a job making halftime adjustments, this team had better figure out a way to start putting up points throughout ball games, or any postseason life they have is sure to be short-lived.


12 Responses to “Second Half Woes Plaguing Ravens' Offense”

  1. The Future Mrs. Joe Flacco Says:


  2. George Says:

    The Ravens need a new offensive and defensive coordinators. Offensively, they went out and got Flacco the weapons he needed., then they do not utilize them fully. How many times have the thrown to Donte Stallworth? Defensively, they turned a gang of killers into a bunch of pansies. Teams around the NFL used to be scared of us, now they just laugh at us. We need to re-vamp our O-line and learn to pick up the safety blitz or Flacco will be a dead man before the end of the season.

  3. NestMinder Says:

    Great points all, George. The o-line has been a huge disappointment. Birk’s age is showing. Grubbs should be dominant by now, but he’s just decent. Oher played much better at RT. Yanda is a beast, but better as a G than T, and Cousins can’t be trusted at T.

    Not only not throwing to Stallworth, but what about Boldin? He had like 5 targets on Monday Night. It’s great that Mason is having such a great year with everyone focusing on Boldin, but the guy wasn’t brought here to be a decoy. THROW HIM THE DAMN BALL. I don’t care if he’s covered, let him make a play.

    Not taking at least 1 deep shot to Stallworth per game, and not throwing the ball to 81 at least 10-12 times is insanity.

  4. Matt Says:

    It could be worse we could have Mike Shanahan or Rex Ryan as our head coach.

  5. NestMinder Says:

    It could obviously be worse. We could not have a team still.

    But the fact is, this team has the talent to be a lot better than they are. The coaches need to be held accountable.

  6. Matt Says:

    I think they will be accountable in the offseason and retool. Does that mean their will be new offensive and defensive coordinators? I don’t know. But the team is 9-4 and will probably make the playoffs I doubt they will go far but I give Harbaugh and the Ravens front office the benefit out the doubt. From watching most NFL teams I think the Ravens are one of the better NFL teams in the league. Which is why they should have a freaking HOME MONDAY NIGHT GAME!!!!!!! Should the NFL just contract the Redskins and move the Ravens to the NFC East or the Ravens sign Brett Favre in the offseason. I want a Home Monday Night Game, not having to travel to some slapdick team like Houston.

  7. Matt Says:

    Also the Ravens are not the only team having offensive problems. The Steelers have scored 2 offensive TD in the last 3 games and the Jets have scored 9 points in 2 games. The Ravens? Haven’t been blown out at all this season. They are the only team to have a 4th quarter lead in every game, and have not lost a game by more than 5 points. The only team to actually beat the Ravens this year, are the Ravens themselves. Despite what happened on MNF against the Texans, I don’t see a highly potent Saints offense suddenly coming into M&T Bank and blowing the Ravens out espically since the weather calls for nasty weather on Sunday. Snow and Wind.

  8. NestMinder Says:

    I know man, that’s whats so frustrating. The Ravens have much more talent on offense than the Steelers do, and a hell of a lot better QB than the Jets do.

    They should be better than 9-4. The coaches are holding the team back.

  9. Matt Says:

    Yes it does stink but these are the 2010 Ravens and I accept who they are. Will they be in the Playoffs? Probably. Will they be in the Super Bowl? I doubt it. New England is killing teams that I consider to be on the Ravens level. Will I renew my tickets for next year? Yes

  10. NestMinder Says:

    I don’t accept who they are, hence the bitching. They could be so much more.

    They were the ones saying “Super Bowl or bust” in training camp. If they still feel that way they need to get their shit together, and quick.

    I still celebrate every win like its a Playoff game, but I want to celebrate a damn Super Bowl. This underachieving bunch frustrates me to no end. Two years ago it was just a fun ride – we expected to be 8-8 at best and made it to the AFC Championship. Last year was up and down but understandable, as we still lacked any weapons on offense besides Ray Rice. This year the expectations were ratcheted way up, and with them not living up to them, it’s a new kind of frustration. The kind we haven’t really had since 04, with the collapse down the stretch.

  11. Matt Says:

    I can’t believe how spoiled Ravens fans gotten under Harbaugh/Flacco. Yes, I am disapointed that we are probably not going to win the division but I am happy being a perennial playoff contender. Last year was probably one of the most frustrating years as a Ravens fan. Even if the Ravens won their division there no guarantee they would make it to the Super Bowl. Besides I love the matchup if the Ravens had to play the Chiefs. The only teams they beaten with winning records are the Chargers who blasted them last week and the Jaguars who started a Quarterback they picked up on the street the week before. I think about 90 percent of the league want to trade places with the Ravens. Yes Mattison is probably the worst D coordinator the Ravens ever had but he probably had the least talent to work with. He didn’t get Ray and Ed in their prime. Outside of Ray, Ed, Suggs and Ngata the defense is a bunch of mediocre players. Can we finally admit that that the team misses Gaither?

  12. skip Says:

    why we go to prevent defence and give the game away in the second half is crazy our defence is our mainstay any one can pass when us when there is no presure.

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