Goob Theoharris: Ed Reed is Better than Troy Polamalu

Some people are less than convinced of Ed Reed’s dominance over Troy Polamalu after hearing it from Deion Sanders the other day, saying that Sanders is biased because he played for the Ravens, or because of his friendship with Ray Lewis, or blah blah blah.

Fine, don’t believe “Prime Time?”

Take it from “Goob Tube:”


8 Responses to “Goob Theoharris: Ed Reed is Better than Troy Polamalu”

  1. HereWeGo Says:

    Nice work on collecting all the individual stats, but the Polamalu/Reed debate can’t be solved that easily. First of all, they don’t truly play the same position. It’s not like comparing two wide receivers. How about the stats on career W-L? Everyone will always pull the Super Bowls card as well. I’d argue Polamalu is far more valuable to the Steelers than Reed is to the Ravens. The Steelers completely fell apart last year when Polamalu got hurt. I don’t think the Ravens struggled much during Reed’s most recent absences. Both players are Hall of Famers, can’t wait for the game Sunday.

  2. DownandUp Says:

    I completely agree with HereWeGo. The two are both incredible talents but what they are asked to do on their respective teams is completely different. Reed is superior when it comes to making big plays (read: picks, pick 6s, etc) and is the most dangerous defensive player with the ball in his hands. However, Troy has more of an impact against the run, as well as being a little bit more consistent when it comes to intermediate coverages (Reed gets the edge in deep stuff). I disagree slightly with you attributing the difference in tackles to playing behind Ray Lewis. In 2005 when Ray went on IR Ed had less tackles per game than he did in either 2004 or 2006 (using tackles per game obviously because Ed got nicked up that season too).

    Again, both are absolutely incredible talents and HoFers, and every other NFL team would love to have either.

    Incredible game on Sunday – its going to be slugfest.

  3. P Says:

    just like Deion Sanders said. Ed Reed is in a league of his own.

  4. Christmas Ape Says:

    Cherry picking of pointless stats. Free safeties generally get more interceptions than strong safeties because of the nature of their differing positions. Your argument is like saying an inside linebacker sucks because he gets fewer sacks than an outside linebacker. ZOMG JAMES HARRISON IS BETTER THAN RAY LEWIS WILL BE BECAUSE HE GETS MORE SACKS! RAY LEWIS HAS NEVER HAD MORE THAN 5 SACKS IN A SEASON!


  5. NestMinder Says:

    Except, you know, that Reed averaged 7 int/season when he played SS, during his first three seasons.


  6. Matt Says:

    I think we can all come to the conclusion that Ed Reed is head and shoulders above any safety in the NFL. See what I did there.

  7. NestMinder Says:


  8. Ed Reed Says:

    Well, the reason Deion chose me is because we’re both from Florida…..and former teammates.

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