Deion Sanders: Ed Reed is Best DB in NFL

T.O. interviewed former Raven and shoo-in NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders on “The T.Ocho Show” this week.  When asked by T.O. who the best defensive back in the NFL today is, Sanders was definitive and concise in his assessment: Ed. Reed.

Also, “I like Troy Polamalu, but he isn’t a[n] Ed Reed.”

Amen, Prime Time. Amen.

In this second clip, Sanders tells why he doesn’t think there will be an NFL lockout next year:

You can see the full episode tonight at 11:00 PM ET on VERSUS.


3 Responses to “Deion Sanders: Ed Reed is Best DB in NFL”

  1. Bob Says:


  2. Bob Says:

    Bill Romanowski said on 105.7 the fan today that Polamalu is good but he is no Ed REEEEEEEEEEED

  3. Matt Says:

    Ed Reed is a deity and I spend at least 8 Sundays a year worshipping at the Church of Ed Reed.

    Nest did you see the article that Nestor wrote? I really don’t care if Harbaugh is nice to the local media. If he brings the Ravens to the playoffs every year I don’t care if he takes a dump on a writer’s notepad.

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