Ben-AD-ict Arnold Redux

Over three years ago, we B’More fans were hurt and angered by the words of the newly-former Raven Adalius Thomas.  Here at the Nest, we reported the story under the title “Ben-AD-ict Arnold,” referring to Thomas’ nickname of “AD” and the most famous traitor of all-time, Benadict Arnold (no relation – I don’t think).  Thomas, speaking to Sports Illustrated, reportedly had this to say about his former home:

“You’ve got to remember, I’m coming in from Baltimore,” says Thomas. “People there wanted the limelight, people sought out the limelight, starting with the head coach. It was a star-studded system. Here it’s about as different as you can get. Everybody here shies away from being the star guy. Nobody on this team beats his chest. They just all go about their business. And win.”

Speaking with Rob Long, the best radio host in Baltimore (more on that later in the week), on his “Way Back Wednesday” segment last week, AD cleared the air.  According to Thomas, the SI writer not only completely took his words out of context, but he also totally neglected from his story all the good things AD said about his former teammates and coaches.

Now, we’ve all grown very weary of the endless string of “I was misinterpreted,” or “I was taken out of context” claims from athletes, entertainers, and celebrities of every ilk over the last several years.  Every time anybody says something that anyone in our overly “PC” society could take a modicum of offense to, that is their standard defense.

“I was mis-quoted.”

It’s easy to be cynical about that type of retraction.  However, listening to AD talk, I was convinced that he was genuinely upset and angered by the way his words were crafted in the article.  He stated that he was simply responding to a question about the differences between the football culture in Baltimore and in his new home in New England.  Thomas said that the interview was much longer and more intricate than simply that small quote that was attributed to him, and that, despite the way the quote came across, he certainly had no issues with the “beat your chest” mentality of the Ravens.

Long called him out as well, saying that Thomas was known to get up and “beat his chest” and play to the crowd after a big play as much as Ray Lewis or Terrell Suggs.  Thomas freely admitted as much, and reiterated that he meant no offense.  AD said that he called Sports Illustrated to request the entire transcript from the interview, but he was rebuffed by the writer, who told him that SI’s legal department didn’t think that would be a good idea.

In the end, it’s obvious that it was simply a case of a writer manufacturing a story based on some erratically stitched together words, hoping to generate controversy.  And if you remember, it worked like a charm.  The “AD Zings Baltimore” story was all over not only the local airwaves, but ESPN as well.

Mission accomplished, shady sports writer.

AD went as far as to say that any media member who does the sort of thing that SI did to him should be banned from one-on-one interviews with athletes.  While that certainly has little chance of happening, Thomas’ anger over the whole thing was clear to anyone listening.

Ravens fans, don’t stay mad at Adalius Thomas.  We are happy to accept AD’s explanation on the issue, and bury the hatchet once and for all.

As a matter of fact…what’s AD up to nowadays?  I know a certain team that is in desperate need of another playmaker on the defensive side of the ball…

At the end of the interview, Long asked Thomas if he would still be able to help a team, should he receive a call from a general manager looking to sign him.  “Of course,” replied Thomas, before explaining that, despite being 33 years old, he really doesn’t have the body of a typical 33-year old football player, as he played only sparingly for his first few years in the league, and hasn’t suited up for a full season since 2007.

After that, he implored Ozzie Newsome to give him a call.

Ozzie, listen to the man.


5 Responses to “Ben-AD-ict Arnold Redux”

  1. Matt Says:

    AD is full of crap. Of course he wants the Baltimore fans to forgive him he is unemployed. He pretty much talked himself off the Patriots and plus he wasn’t really much on the Patriots. In fact the Ravens, Eagles and Patriots are the best teams at getting rid of players when they lose their usefulness. The only player that I can remember doing anything away from the Ravens was Priest Holmes but then again the Ravens did have Jamal Lewis who did have a 2,000 yard season. If AD is so desprate in getting another gig why don’t he go to Landover. They are very good at getting aging players and coaches past their prime and if he is slighty better than average he can get a massive payday. Just ask Deion Sanders and Albert Haynesworth. Fat Albert gets paid 100 million dollars to be a fat load.

  2. NestMinder Says:

    He wasn’t bad in New England, I just think “genius” Belichick didn’t know how to use him correctly. He averaged about 6 sacks/16 games during his time there, and also had an interception return for TD. I guarantee, even at 33 and having not played all year, he could do more than Paul Kruger is.

    Did you hear the interview? If you did, I doubt you’d be so quick to call him full of crap. If you still think he is after listening to it, agree to disagree I suppose.

  3. Matt Says:

    Let me put it to you this way. When Rex Ryan who has his chubby fat fingers on every Ex Raven defensive player and who defense is having problems rushing the passer. Even he isn’t giving Adalius Thomas a look. Its safe to assume that AD is done.

  4. Matt Says:

    You know what I am really starting to hate local sports talk radio. You listen to the national NFL media they think the Ravens are one the best teams in the NFL with one of the best coaches and one of the best young Quarterbacks and still has a pretty good defense. They are usually in the top 5 of every power ranking. I think the worst I saw this week was maybe 6. But if you listen to the local stations I am not going to name stations but cough 105.7 cough. You think the team is 3-7 and just lost to Carolina. I hear idiots screaming fire Harbaugh, Cameron and Mattison and bench Flacco and the Ravens should hire Cowher, Childress and Wade Phillips and start Marc Bulger. If that happens I am going to start rooting for another team. All I do when I listen to local radio is get pissed off.

  5. NestMinder Says:

    Dude, I couldn’t agree more. When I said in this post that I was going to talk more about Rob Long later in the week, that’s exactly my plan. I’m gonna write a whole piece on the suckitude of…certain stations. Stay tuned.

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