Goob, Thousands of Ravens Fans, Flock to Charlotte

Nest roving reporter Goob Theoharris, fresh off his trip to Atlanta for the Ravens-Falcons game, made the cross state trek from Raleigh to Charlotte to see the Ravens take on the Carolina Panthers.

Wanna see how it went? (sacrilege warning @ 6:43)

How nobody pulls a Richard Seymour to this guy’s Ben Roethlisberger, I seriously have no idea.


12 Responses to “Goob, Thousands of Ravens Fans, Flock to Charlotte”

  1. Scott Says:

    The Jesus thing made me damn near piss myself laughing.

  2. Scott Says:

    That, and the “Capt. Defense: Owner of an M&T Bank card.”

    Whomever is doing the captioning, keep up the good work.

  3. Curtis Says:

    GOOB is the perfect name for this annoying little prick. Someone is going to feed him a fist sooner or later. Hope u r proud of the Ravens big win. Residents of that shithole Baltimore need something to cheer about. Enjoy your one playoff game…again.

  4. NestMinder Says:

    Well, he didn’t get that name for being a charming man of leisure, that’s for sure.

    One playoff game? Pretty sure they got THREE in 08, and TWO last year. I guess at that rate…ONE would be next…but “again” makes ZERO sense, dipshit.

  5. Matt Says:

    Curtis is just bitchy because NASCAR season is over. So are you a Duke or UNC man? More importantly who is the hot blonde at 7:30? Goob or Nest any of you two familar with her?

  6. NestMinder Says:

    haha…you’re the second one to ask, Matt.

    She was with the black dude Panthers fan. He is @Pantherzfan4lyf on twitter.

    (Update: He says she wasn’t with him, “just a hottie bystander.” Ahhh, southern girls…)

  7. Goob Says:

    Nestminder sure showed Curtis. Panthers fans would be more than happy to even get ONE playoff game in the next few years. And there would of actually had to have been some Panthers fans in attendance to punch me you idiot

  8. Carolyn Says:

    Thank you all for the negative comments! I hate the Steelers, but I wouldn’t take my time to go on a Steeler’s website and make negative comments! As for you that called Baltimore a shithole, You wouldn’t last 10 minutes in our city and I cannot believe that you have lasted 10 minutes on your website!:) Oh Yeah, and BTW, Go Ravens!!!!!!!!

  9. Ben Says:

    Pittsburgh was just named the 10th filthiest city in the U.S. this week. And they were only analyzing pollution and trash, not the residents. We all know if they counted “women with moustaches” and “mullets”, they would be #1. Go Ravens!

  10. Joseph Walker Says:

    I can’t believe I was at Fort Bragg and didn’t get to go to this game. Working the weekend sucks! Goob, we gotta hang out sometime dude! Your obnoxious (in the most sincerest of ways) interview style is AWESOME! GO RAVENS!

  11. Matt Says:

    My buddy went to South Carolina and I also visited College of Charleston. If I could do it again I would go to school either the West or South. Who doesn’t love GRITS*? Even the Jesus girl didn’t look bad either

    *Girls Raised In the South

  12. Goob Theoharris Says:

    Joe, I will never turn down a beer when offered. Sorry you couldn’t make it. Thanks for also calling me obnoxious, it’s just my way of doing things. I’ve always said that I would hate to run into myself at an away game, I’d for sure punch myself in the face.

    The south does also have some awesome ladies (part of the reason I moved) Mrs. Goob isn’t too bad on the eyes and she’s from NC. She’s in the Falcons On Field Video. She has been completely transformed into an all out Ravens fan and could probably tell you more about the team than most of the people that visit this site. It’s like a side project for me.

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