Lookalikes! Panthers Edition

This is the first time the Ravens have met the Carolina Panthers in regular season action since 2006. As this blog has only been in existence since 2007, this marks the first chance for us to go through Carolina’s roster and pick out the goofy and/or familiar looking faces. So, what treasures of ugliness lie buried in the Panthers’ depth chart? Let’s see…

First up, we have rookie defensive end/linebacker Eric Norwood, who looks like he stepped straight out of that Avatar movie:

A movie which, by the way, I’ve still yet to see. I’M BUSY, OK?!

Long snapper J.J. Jansen should be glad this game is being played in Charlotte, and not in Baltimore. He bears a striking resemblance to a guy that many in B’More still loathe to this day, for refusing to put on a Baltimore Colts uniform:

He may be too young to be confused with Elway, but that guy could definitely have come from one of John’s patented “run and shoot” offense plays with some groupie about 25 years ago.

Next on our list is tackle Jordan Gross. Something tells me Gross is going to be prettyyyyyy pissed off Sunday when Terrell Suggs mistakes quarterback Brian St. Pierre for the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow that is the Panthers’ offensive line, and makes that pot o’ gold his own.

we *may* have doctored Jordan’s photo just a tad

Finally, we come to (injured) rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen. While searching for pictures of Clausen, it became abundantly clear that there were many who came before us on the “Clausen looks like a goofy ass douche” bandwagon. Seeing as how he played his college ball at the most divisive college in the country, Notre Dame, and also due to the fact that he looks like…he does, this came as no surprise. As a result, we’ll just share some of these older Clausen lookalikes with you…

Hmm…I like where they were going with this, but Jimmy’s eyes strike me as being too close together, as opposed to too far apart, a la Sid from “Ice Age.”

The ostrich combines the silly hair with the googly eyes, to nice effect.

Of course, sometimes the funniest pictures are the ones that require no further explanation or allusion to other images…

Go Ravens.


One Response to “Lookalikes! Panthers Edition”

  1. The Future Mrs. Joe Flacco Says:

    Brilliant. 🙂

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