Matty Ice vs. Joe Cool Preview

The Ravens have a short week this week, as they play the Falcons on Thursday night.

In this video, Goob discusses Matt Ryan’s millions, Joe Flacco’s success and how stupid it is to play another game after only four days of rest.

Stay tuned as brings you unique coverage of the next two away games –  Goob will be on the road in both Atlanta and Carolina.


5 Responses to “Matty Ice vs. Joe Cool Preview”

  1. realist Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 3 days rest. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Scott Says:

    “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 3 days rest. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

    When Bills fans can out-taunt you, you fail at life.

  3. Matt Says:

    Goob contrary to what you think of Joe Flacco not getting much press outside of Maryland. I was in Vegas last weekend and I was in the Miracle Mile shopping area at Planet Hollywood and I saw a big poster of Joe Flacco in a Ravens hat selling Reebok. Since I saw an ad of him 3,000 miles away I think he is now nationally recognizable.

  4. NestMinder Says:

    @ Matt

    Nice. Unibrow nation!

  5. Goob Theoharris Says:

    Those same Ravens hats which will become part of New Era in 2010. Hopefully they put the white back into NFL apparel but I highly doubt it. Have you tried to buy shoes lately, its so hard!

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