Brandon "Alligator Arms" Marshall

Ed Reed picked off his third pass in just two games in 2010 against Miami on Sunday, but he owes a debt of gratitude to Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall for an assist on the interception.

With just over six minutes remaining and the Ravens holding a 23-10 lead, quarterback Chad Henne tried to hit Marshall on a quick slant pattern. Marshall, though, appeared as though he was all too aware of what happens to players who catch slants in that area in front of Ray Lewis…

Let’s take a look at Marshall’s effort here:

No #52 in the screen yet, but Marshall seems to be keenly aware of his location…

“Oh, hi Ray. Nothing to see here. No ball carriers, no sir!”

These photos show it a little more clearly.  Here, you can see the Marshall has clearly beaten Lardarius Webb to the inside.  Lewis is lurking in the lower right corner of the screen.

Now, the “money shot,” as it were.  Does Brandon Marshall look like a guy who is concentrating on watching the football into his hands here?  His head is down just as the ball bounces off his fingertips, and you can bet the farm that he is looking at/for Ray Ray.

Ray was in prime position to put together another audition tape for the NFL’s next “how to legally destroy a ball carrier” video series.  Instead, he turns to watch the ball go right to Ed Reed.  Game, Set, Match…Ravens.

On the CBS broadcast, Dan Dierdorf spent the next minute or so ripping into Marshall for the lackluster effort to catch what was, admittedly, an off-target Henne pass.  Dierdorf, though, never pointed out the true reason for the alligator arms.

Thanks for playing, Brandon.


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