We Don't Want Randy Moss!

“Hey look…I’m doing an impression of myself… I’m an ASS!”

Some of the very moves that made Brad Childress a “hero” in Minnesota last season have backfired TERRIBLY this year. Of course, there is no need to elaborate on what Brett Favre did for his job security last year and how much he has ruined Chilly’s coaching future this year.

Well, on top of that, apparently, Childress has lost the locker room and sides are being taken. From what seemed like a desperation act to save their season (and justify spending $20 million for a future Hall of Fame Quarterback who should be in a wheel chair) the Minnesota Vikings traded for Randy Moss to fill the void left with Sidney Rice being placed on the PUP list.

At the time, the move seemed genius. Not only would Moss fill the void left by Rice but he would also make give the Vikings one of the NFL’s top WR corps when Rice returned along with Percy Harvin. That move has turned out to be a nightmare.

As of 4 p.m. today, the Vikings officially released Randy Moss because of the distractions he caused in the locker room. As I surfed through Twitter reading the initial comments, I saw that some of the Ravens faithful were pining for Ozzie to pull the trigger and add another high profile wide receiver to the Ravens offense. Even though I haven’t heard any of the media insiders saying the Ravens want to make a move for Moss, plenty of fans want it done.

All I have to say is….NO!

Randy Moss coming to this team would be nothing but trouble. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t even consider the Ravens putting in a claim for the highly decorated and future Hall of Fame wide receiver.

1.) He’s a locker room cancer!

Not only do the Ravens have a great locker room with a very tight bond between the players, the Ravens would be putting themselves in another situation just like the one they had in 2004 when T.O. was traded to Baltimore. At the time, Ravens fans were offended that he didn’t want to play here and have hated him ever since. Those same Ravens fans have to be looking back at that move as a blessing in disguise because until this year (and every year since), T.O. has been just like Randy Moss: a locker room cancer.

2.) We have enough wide receivers!

The Baltimore Ravens are already stocked with enough wide receivers. If the team signed Moss, more than likely the Ravens would cut one of their current wide receivers to clear a roster spot for him. Currently on the roster, the Ravens have Boldin, Mason, Housh, Stallworth, David Reed and Marcus Smith. Reed and Smith have primarily been playing on special teams and have played quite well. To release either one of those guys for a Randy Moss experiment wouldn’t make much sense for the organization. Fans and experts have expected more from the WR corps this year but Anquan Boldin and Joe Flacco have become a dangerous combination and with the addition of Stallworth coming back from his foot injury this week, the Ravens will have the opportunity to stretch the field utilizing the speed of Stallworth (insert driving/speeding joke here).

3.) Matt Birk would rip his head off!

One of the best centers to ever play the game happens to love purple as well. Matt Birk left the Minnesota Vikings two seasons ago to join the Ravens as a free agent. Birk, who still lives in Minnesota during the offseason, was very good friends with the family who owns a catering company that caters some meals for the Vikings. Randy Moss, apparently not fond of carved meat, started yelling at the caterers and making an absolute ass of himself about the food. Birk, a man who looks like he has never turned down a meal, certainly wouldn’t appreciate the fact that Randy blew up at his restaurateur friends.

4.) Who would talk to reporters?

Derrick Mason stated he wouldn’t talk to the media anymore this season…that was, until he started catching more balls. Randy Moss was fined $25,000 last week for not making himself available to the media and refuses to answer any of their questions for the rest of the season. Anquan Boldin needs to focus on being the best WR in the league and Donte’ Stallworth needs to focus on rehabbing himself back into shape. They can’t waste their time answering questions because their teammates are throwing hissy fits.

Frankly, if the guy has two major news stories in a month (no matter if they are true or not) about how his temper caused his release – that person certainly doesn’t belong in the Ravens locker room. That room is for men who love the game, want to win and respect Ray Lewis. Ray is the leader of this team and is the most vocal person you will find in the NFL. A man who has made his money and just doesn’t frankly care about his teammates should only come to a Baltimore locker room if he is on the visitors side. I hope Randy Moss doesn’t end up on an AFC team because I would hate to have to face him with our questionable secondary. Even though the guy is a complete ass, he can still play football.

So Ravens fans, don’t take to twitter and facebook and the local radio airwaves asking Ozzie to make this move. Moss will be claimed by many teams before the Ravens by 4 p.m. tomorrow, but even if he made it as far down as to the Ravens, I couldn’t imagine Randy Moss wearing purple for the rest of his career.


4 Responses to “We Don't Want Randy Moss!”

  1. NestMinder Says:

    Now, Shawne Merriman on the other hand….

  2. Scott Says:

    I agree completely. Plus, as our trivia name stated last night, “Randy Moss sucks a Belicock.” He’s going back to NE.

    “Now, Shawne Merriman on the other hand….”

    I don’t understand that. Merriman is a shell of his former, juiced self. Why do we want to sign a known cheater who is completely unfamiliar with our system at this point in the season? The problem isn’t personnel, it is play calling.

  3. Matt Says:

    Well depending how you look at it the Bad/Good news is the Bills got Merriman and the whiny Buffalo fans can gloat about that. I never really wanted him I mean ever since he got caught doing steroids he stop being good. Now the worst news is Tennessee now got Randy Moss. I think they are one of the more underrated teams. I think that puts them over the top and we might see them if we make the playoffs. Now that Moss is on the team Chris Johnson is unstoppable.

  4. Matt Says:

    Goddamn it why couldn’t that MOFO stay in the NFC?!?! Where Dan Snyder when you need him? He is a past his prime star. Randy Moss plays like a Redskin. Or at least Dallas. He can add more fuel to the gasoline fire that is the 2010 Dallas Cowboys.

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