Please Vote for the Nest in the 2010 Mobbies

Greetings, Nestgoers.

For the second straight year, B’More Birds’ Nest has been nominated in “The Mobbies,” the Baltimore Sun’s awards for Outstanding Blogs in Maryland.

We are nominated in the “Ravens” and “Sports” categories. Someone also threw our hat into the ring in the “Orioles” category, but we have no illusions about being the best O’s blog around. There are obviously much better out there.

However, we are very proud of what we do around here as far as Ravens coverage goes, so we have no problems asking for your vote there.

Please, go to the Mobbies page and vote for us in the Ravens category, and in the Sports category if you’re feeling extra nice.

You can vote once per day through 5 PM on November 10. It requires a login, but fret not! If you don’t have a Baltimore Sun account, you can log in through various other platforms, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others. So you have no excuse to not vote!

We truly appreciate your help as we try to win our first Mobbie!


2 Responses to “Please Vote for the Nest in the 2010 Mobbies”

  1. Goob Theoharris Says:

    I am highly offended you bashed my Orioles coverage.

  2. vi ravens fan Says:

    Uh oh Goob… You gonna whine like a bills fan? /sarcasm

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