Lookalikes! Browns Edition 2K10

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The Browns, forever in rebuilding mode, seem to have a fair amount of roster turnover year-to-year compared to other teams. As a result, there is no shortage of goofy/familiar looking new guys to poke fun at in this space. Don’t worry though, we’ve included some longer tenured Brownstains as well. Let’s get to the Lookalikes!

We’ll start with the weakest of this edition’s bunch. When I first clicked on new wide receiver Chansi Stuckey’s headshot, I immediately thought “Mike Epps!” Upon further review though…

…the resemblance is weak at best.

Never fear, there’s plenty more (and better) where that came from!

Next up we have a guy that I hate more than anyone should ever hate a kicker. However, for Ravens fans that remember this game, Phil Dawson will always be a mortal enemy.

Before he was breaking my heart with good/no-good/good again field goals though, Dawson provided teenage me with countless hours of entertainment in his previous gig, as Beavis on MTV.

Or at least I thought Dawson used to be Beavis. Apparently I was mistaken, though. THIS guy, whom I stumbled across while searching for Beavis pictures, while not a member of the Cleveland professional football team, really is “The Great Cornholio.”

Speaking of childhood entertainment, let’s go back even further. Linebacker Chris Gocong looks a hell of a lot like “Rufio” from the 1990 children’s classic movie “Hook.”

Let’s just hope he doesn’t go all “bangarang” on the Ravens’ offense.

Joshua Cribbs is unarguably the best player on Cleveland’s roster, and has been for quite some time (thanks, Cleveland front office!) Cribbs doesn’t let his bitterness towards Browns management get to him too much though, as he spends his downtime hosting a popular women’s daytime talk show. And then there was that one time he helped that nice lady get in touch with her dead husband. What a guy.

Linebacker Scott Fujita was a member of the New Orleans Saints last year, and got himself a Super Bowl Ring. He now finds himself wallowing in Cleveland. Man, that sucks. Hell, it’s the kind of thing that would make a guy quit football and take a job as a paper salesman.



One Response to “Lookalikes! Browns Edition 2K10”

  1. Conoonk Says:

    I love these lookalikes.

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