Ray Lewis Will Be Making A Donation To The "Human Fund"

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis yells at referee Gene Steratore after he was called for a tripping penalty, which gave the Bengals a first down and new life in the third quarter.

No matter how horrible of a call is made on the field, criticizing the officials on calls made in a game is a big no-no in the NFl. Ray Lewis, no stranger to being fined by the NFL commissioners office, may find himself writing another check to the “Human Fund” for retired players after his criticizing of the officials after the Ravens 15-10 loss to the Bungles.

After the game, Lewis blamed the referees  for a six point difference which could have cost the Ravens the game over Cincinnati. The plays in question came from a controversial roughing the passer penalty by Terrell Suggs and a tripping penalty on Ray himself.

I know it’s hard to stay neutral when you are as passionate in football as I am for one specific team but the calls against Lewis and Suggs were absolute BULL SHIT! In case you don’t agree with me, we’ll hear it from the future Hall of Famer himself.

“Six points was given off of B.S.,” said Ray. “It’s embarrassing that you can put them in field-goal range off of two calls like that when they couldn’t get into the end zone themselves. That’s why everybody straps up their helmets to make sure if you’re going to earn it, earn it. But they didn’t earn it today.”

I’m sure everyone in Charm City agrees with Ray and can’t believe that some horrible calls may be the reason the Ravens lost the game. After watching this disaster in Cincinnati, I can see that the gifts we were given against the Jets won’t be replicated week to week. I hate blaming the officials and it seems that the Ravens are the scapegoat when it comes to a team blaming the men in zebra stripes, but eventually enough has to be enough. I don’t believe the referees cost the Ravens the game because of the piss poor performance of Joe Flacco, but the Ravens have to play better than every opponent they face, just in case they get screwed by horrible calls such as those we saw this week.

Update: Former NFL VP of Officiating Mike Pereira says call was wrong:

Mike Pereira, the NFL’s Vice President of Officiating from 2004-09, said the officials were wrong in flagging Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs for roughing the passer in Sunday’s loss at Cincinnati.

“While referees are instructed to err on the side of safety when it comes to protecting the quarterback, I feel the call was incorrect,” said Pereira, who now works for Fox.

He added, “Suggs made a form tackle on [Bengals quarterback Carson] Palmer. And while he did land on top of him, he did not appear to unnecessarily or violently throw the quarterback down and land on top of him with most or all of his weight, which is what the rule states. I can see why the referee made the call that he did, but to me, it was a normal tackle and not a foul.”


8 Responses to “Ray Lewis Will Be Making A Donation To The "Human Fund"”

  1. WhoDeyFans Says:

    ” I hate blaming the officials ”

    which means the next statement will be blaming the officials. Just be happy that you are 1 and 1 when only able to score 10 points in a game. In the Ravens last 12 games against the Bengals you have lost 9. Man, those officials, they must have screwed you in all those games.

    Super bowl…funny.

  2. NestMinder Says:

    Winning a playoff game…funny.

    You should be a Who Dat fan instead.

  3. Goob Theoharris Says:

    Who Dey? What a stupid damn saying! Learn some english, stop copying Saints fans and then read this too… it backs up our claim … dick


  4. WhoDeyFans Says:

    please put more links of Ravens fans crying about the officials, or better yet google it. You may hate our saying “WhoDey” but it is much better than being known for being crybabies.

    Also, it was on first down, not third.


  5. NestMinder Says:

    Actually, you’re more known for being extremely fairweather fans of a terribly run, moribund franchise than for a stupid saying.

    Way to barely avoid the blackout for your home opener, Who Dey fans. Thank Ochocinco for that one.

    Also – Mike Pereira is a “Ravens fan?”

  6. Scott Says:

    1) Bengals fans are not relevant enough to warrant a response.

    2) Ray should know what is coming to him by criticizing the officials, but something needs to be done because this shit is getting sad. There are too many subjective penalties that need to be reviewed. If you watched the Steelers’ game yesterday, there was a point when three Pittsburgh linebackers have Vince Young in their arms and proceed to drive him head first into the ground. Well, that’s just “tough, hard-nosed Steelers football.” Meanwhile, Suggs makes a textbook sack against Palmer and is penalized because he didn’t say please first or whatever asinine reason the ref later used to try and justify the obviously bullshit call.

    3) Holding. I know this isn’t really relevant to the Ravens’ last game, but holding has to be the single most subjective, bullshit, game-changing penalty in the NFL. There is holding on damn near every play. The refs either need to call them all or not call any of them because when they pick and choose it affects the outcome of games.

  7. NestMinder Says:

    I’m over the “refs are against the Ravens” thing. In watching enough other games, its clear that they are all just AWFUL at their jobs. With all that is going on with the negotiating between the NFL and the NFLPA, I’ve yet to hear anything proposed about making the officials full-time NFL employees. That NEEDS to be part of the next collective bargaining agreement. That these guys can just make a terrible call on Sunday, cost a team a game, then ho-hum, go back to being lawyers or doctors or whatever on Monday with nobody holding them accountable (only punishment is they might not get to work a playoff game) is beyond laughable for the largest sport in the country.

  8. nate Says:

    I have been a sports fan for many years. What is killing football is what has killed baseball,basketball,nascar ect…..money and greed! There is more fun to be had at minor league baseball and highschool football than these greed driven sports. While I do favor the raven’s more than other teams in nfl these stupid game changing calls have to stop! And these these wussy,weak tom brady,I can’t take a hit quarterbacks have to go! Where is joe namath? Terry bradshaw? Where are the quarterbacks that could take hits? That was when football was football! Terrel suggs makes a textbook hit and gets flagged? That is bs. That is not football. Oh and fines for ray’s comment…that’s not football either..thought we have freedom of speech in this country. Who is the nfl to take that away? So my words to the nfl…if you keep allowing these officials to do what they are doing by catering to the rich who gamble on these games all you are going to do is drive people-fans- true sports fans away!

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