Lookalikes! "Batman and Robin" Edition

This season’s slate of Lookalikes! at the Nest kicks off with the Cincinnati Bengals.

We’ve had plenty of fun with the Bungholes in this space in the past so be sure to check out the 2008 edition (prominently featuring the late Chris Henry-R.I.P.) here, and the 2009 edition here.

This year we’re going to zero in our focus on two specific Bungholes, one an old nemesis and the other newly acquired by the Thundercats of North Kentucky.

Of course, the two Bengals of which we speak are Cincy’s wide receiver tandem of Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens. These two have adopted the dual nickname of “Batman and Robin,” though some would suggest a more appropriate moniker would be “Dropman and Tweetin‘.” As these two are unrepentant bombastic famewhores, they took the nickname to its logical extreme and held a “Batman and Robin” photoshoot, complete with requisite Cincy Bengals “Batmobile” (Catmobile?)

Well isn’t that special?

When we look at “T.O.” and “Ocho” though, they look like a superhero tandem alright, albeit one of a slightly less dark variety.

Chad has said that he would happily play Robin to T.O.’s Batman. It seems more fitting to us that he play Ace and play with not to T.O.’s Gary.


At the very least, it will help these two console each other after the Ravens beat them to a pulp on Sunday.


Go Ravens.


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