Mark Clayton Sent to Rams; Billick Next?

If you made the original 53 man roster for the 2010 Baltimore Ravens as a wide receiver, you were already sweating bullets. After the Ravens traded for T.J. Houshmandzadeh, it was believed that either Marcus Smith or David Reed would be cut to make room for the perfectly braid-haired wide receiver.

News shortly broke from many Baltimore media outlets with insider information (not named that former 2005 1st round pick, Mark Clayton, was being shopped by the team or would be released. Hours after first hitting the trade market, Clayton was shipped to St. Louis along with a 7th round draft pick in exchange for the Rams’ 6th round pick.

The move makes sense for the Rams who lost their #1 Donnie Avery in the preseason; Avery was doing his best impression of a Ravens cornerback and blew out his knee. Clayton now heads to the Rams and unites with fellow Oklahoma Sooner alum Sam Bradford.

The Rams hope Clayton will bring the veteran WR presence needed to build the confidence of an overpaid promising rookie quarterback. Even though Clayton never lived up to his potential when the Ravens selected him late in the first round in 2005, he could prove to be a valuable member of a team which seems like they’ve been rebuilding phase for years.

Side Note: Apparently the Rams love underperforming Ravens’ WR’s because they have also invited Demetrius Williams in for a tryout. If only Kyle Boller had stuck around with Jason Brown in St. Louis for another year, we could have witnessed a huge reunion of players from the pre-Joe Flacco era. Look for Brian Billick to be in town by week 8 for a job interview.


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