August is Finally Nice to the O's

For the past 13 Augusts, O’s fans have been more than happy to turn the page on their calendars in anticipation for the start of the NFL season in September.

During a season where the team once possessed the worst record in baseball and has just absolutely embarrassed themselves night in an night out- the Orioles have produced their first winning August since 1997 and first winning month since 2008.

The Orioles finished the month of August with a 4 game win streak and went 17-11. In a month full of surprises, I was most amazed with the fact that Kevin Millwood actually won a game. After trying five times previously in the month, the king of the 1st inning ERA actually retired his first eight batters in a 5-0 win against the Angels where he actually pitched eight scoreless innings.

August was a great time for the Orioles to start to come together as a team. Even though they’ve been stuck together since March, something clicked where the Orioles had decent pitching on days Millwood wasn’t on the mound, nice defense and actually produced some runs.

At times this season, the Orioles have done well in certain aspects of the game but extremely failed in all others, but it seems the glue to this whole puzzle is coming from new manager Buck Showalter and he’s finally instilled some life into these ball players.

“BUCK YEAH!” can now be heard echoing thru Camden Yards and online message boards as well as Buck has already put himself in the position to be the O’s most successful manager this year…and he hasn’t even been her a month. The 17 wins Showalter has produced since his hiring in early August are just as much as interim manager Juan Samuel had in his tenure with the Orioles and he has already surpassed Dave Trembley’s impressively sorry display of managing (15 wins).

Hopefully the Orioles can make an impressive showing for the rest of this season until their last game on October 3. Things are beginning to take shape in Birdland and it looks like it took just one addition (Buck) and holding onto two trade bait items (Wiggington and Scott) to fire this team up. With a strong showing the next month (and some deep pockets), the Orioles may be able to lure some bigger name free agents to Birdland.

Personally, I’m excited for this franchise and the hire of Showalter. I was a little frustrated when Bobby Valentine turned us down but in the end it looks like Buck might be the right man for the job. I remember this same feeling three years ago when a man by the name of Jason Garrett turned Baltimore down and we made a hire of a not so well known guy named John Harbaugh. Buck, of course doesn’t fit the “not so well known” bill, but regardless, maybe Andy McSnail pulled his best Ozzie impression and made a great hire which can help this team for years to come.


2 Responses to “August is Finally Nice to the O's”

  1. Jon Says:

    It’s nice to see Roberts and Pie come back as well.

    One of the things I like about Buck is that he doesn’t sugar coat things. The O’s have a good test this September to see how they can fair against the AL East.

  2. NestMinder Says:

    Yeah, I really like how the O’s are going to have a huge say in the AL East race in September. Not really in the way we’d like, but still…

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