Play Like A ……. Jet???

Like many people chomping at the bit for some football that actually counts, I turned on the first MNF game of the year to check out the new Meadowlands Stadium.  The ESPN broadcast could have been aired on HGTV because all anyone wanted to see was the new home for the Jets and the Giants.

After the 2008 season, Rex Ryan was granted a head coaching job with the New York Jets and since then he has become a very popular figure (insert fat joke here) in the big apple. Apparently not only was Rex scouting some Ravens to bring to New Jersey, he also dabbled in some interior decorating and stole the EXACT tunnel entrance design from the Ravens.

“Play Like A Raven” was introduced to Ravens fans in Westminster during training camp for the 2009 season. This motto was plastered all over Baltimore for a year and became a phrase that really grew on me. Tonight, upon the entrance of “Nacho” Sanchez, “Play Like A Jet” ran completely across the guardrail near the player entrance. Not only is this the exact phrase used the Ravens the previous year, they even used the same damn font.

After seeing this blatant form of plagiarism, I decided to do some research. Apparently, Rex Ryan coined the term for the Ravens and brought with him to the big apple along with Bart Scott and Jim Leonhard. The old-new phrase has been mentioned multiple times in the New York Post and both Bart Scott and Rex Ryan have commented on the phrase.

“I should have patented it,” Ryan said earlier this year. “It was something I strived to do, and I think our guys bought into that. It’s what we’re trying to have here: to “Play like a Jet.”

Former Ravens linebacker, Bart Scott, was asked particularly what the phrase means. Scott said, “It means playing physical, fast, intelligent, a high football IQ, relentless, all those good things,” linebacker Bart Scott said. “Before I was playing like a Jet, I was playing like a Raven. It’s something that we brought over.”

Personally, I think the motto shouldn’t be used by either team. Even though it was created by their head coach, the Jets shouldn’t use it based off of the Ravens marketing efforts last year. I also believe that if Rex Ryan was so instrumental in creating this motto for his team, the idea should have left when he packed his bags as well. The Ravens franchise had almost six months from the time Ryan and his appetite left Baltimore to create a new motto.

The national attention on the Jets is higher than it ever has been. The attention they have received for signing washed up superstars and being featured on the HBO series“Hard Knocks”, now is the time for them to create a new identity, not just changing a team name from the previous season.

Rex Ryan middle finger

Given Rex’s extensive vocabulary from Hard Knocks I would like to suggest a couple new mottos that would look a lot better across the Meadowlands.

1.) This F**King stadium F**King costs a lot of money!

2.) J-E-T-S    F**K F**K F**K

3.) What the F**K is a F**King [Expletive]?

4.) We know we’re better than you, we don’t give a F**K if you know it or not! (from Hard Knocks)

5.) We’re gonna beat the F**K out of you! (from Hard Knocks)

Please feel free to include any suggestions in the comment box below.


11 Responses to “Play Like A ……. Jet???”

  1. Scott Says:

    Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

  2. Sam Says:

    So if Rex Ryan coined it, doesn’t he have a right to use it?

  3. NestMinder Says:

    Rex coined “Play Like a Raven,” not “Play like (insert team who signs my paychecks.)” If someone invents a doohickey at whatever company they work for, they can’t just switch jobs and take that doohickey with them – it belongs to the original company that manufactured it. Somehow I doubt Rex is up on the details of intellectual property law though.

    I think it loses its meaning when you’ve got two teams using it. I might have to rename the weekly awards this season.

  4. Goob Theoharris Says:

    I don’t think it should be used at all. Even though Rex coined the phrase, it loses it’s value when it’s been used by two teams.

    It’s like using the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS chant for the Bucs…. B-U-C-S BUCS BUCS BUCS… it just doesn’t work

  5. Matt Says:

    Its the Jets who cares…they are the little sister of New York and the poor man’s Ravens. I got tickets for opening night at New Giants Stadium. Somebody needs to shut fat Rex mouth and the Ravens got first crack.

  6. Goob Theoharris Says:

    Well consider me jealous of you Matt, that’s pretty fuckin awesome (rex ryan voice)

  7. Matt Says:

    Yeah 40 yard line upper deck about 10 rows up at New Giants Stadium. If you want to piss off any Jets fan in the world here are two things you can say. Chad Henne is a better quarterback than the Sanchize and the Dolphins will have a better record than the Jets. Also refer to the new stadium as New Giants Stadium. But enough about the poor man’s Ravens. I want to talk about the rich man’s Jets. I bet a friend of mine during the Redskins game 100 dollars that the Ravens will have a better season than the Redskins. Easiest hundred dollars I have ever made. At least we aren’t counting on a coach who won nothing without Elway.

  8. J. Conner Says:

    The Ravens are gonna get destroyed tonight! Ray Lewis should be in jail, cause he’s a punk!

  9. Goob Theoharris Says:

    No chance my friend. I was just watching the Weather Channel and there is a flash flood warning in effect until 10:00pm tonight for Revis Island. They are blaming the size of the island and said it’s too small to contain all of the Ravens star wide receivers.

    Ray Lewis should be filming more Old Spice commercials because they are awesome.

    Mark Sanchez should be filming some Taco Bell commercials because he’s a dirty Mexican just like the rest of New York/New Jersey. He probably has to stay after the game and clean up the trash.

  10. Matt Says:

    Play like a Jet? Really I would love to play like a Jet. Winning squeakers against much inferior teams. Not scoring a touchdown in games where you actually have to play teams on your level? Having you coach throw the defense under the bus even though they only gave up 10 points and all of those points were off of turnovers. Having your strength and conditioning coach purposely trip an opposing player. Starting a holy war against Bill Belichick even though you are 1-3 against your historic rival the Dolphins. Say what you will about Harbaugh but at least he didn’t declare the Ravens to be “The Soon to be Champs” in the offseason or stated that he wanted to kick Tomlin’s ass while losing to the Bengals. I am going to laugh my ass off if the Jets miss the playoffs with all of the hot air coming from East Rutherford.

  11. Joe Says:

    Move over Patriots, move over Colts, move over Steelers.
    It is now quite apparent that the Jets are the best that the AFC has to offer.
    The Jets have – not so quietly – built themselves the foundation for being the next great dynasty in the NFL. And, this is in no small part due to the genius that is Rex Ryan.

    So, if he wants to use “Play Like A Jet,” I am sure as heck not going to tell him he can’t. And since the Jets have been instrumental in the NFL’s increased revenue and viewership, you can bet the league is certainly not going to go after Rex.

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