Ravens trade Beck to Redskins

Ever since the addition of veteran QB Marc Bulger in late June, the Baltimore Ravens have had one too many quarterbacks on their hands, thus creating an open QB competition- for 3rd string.

Today the Ravens traded John Beck down the street to the Washington Redskins. The move not only assures “Mr. Popular” Troy Smith the backup backup quarterback position but it also gives the Ravens some more depth at the cornerback position.

In return for Beck, the Ravens picked up Doug Dutch, a practice squad player for the last seven games of the season for the Redskins. After going un-drafted in 2009 out of Michigan, Dutch tried out for the UFL’s Las Vegas Locomotives and was CUT!

Speaking of being cut, to make room for Beck, the Redskins released NCAA stat machine Colt Brennan, leaving Beck and Sexy Rexy Grossman to battle for the backup QB job behind Donovan McNabb.

Frankly, this move doesn’t really matter because Beck wasn’t going to get any playing time this season and the Ravens added some depth in the CB department with someone who will also not get any playing time this season.

On a positive note, at least they didn’t sign Frank Walker!


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