Contest: Two Tix for Preseason Game #1 Up for Grabs

It’s that time of year again – time for the Nest to send two lucky Ravens fans to M&T Bank Stadium to watch the Ravens play FOR FREE! This year’s prize is 2 tickets to the Ravens vs. Carolina Panthers preseason game on Thursday, August 12.

This will be the third year we’ve done this. See our previous contest winners here.

Two years ago, it was a photo contest. Last year, a raffle. This year, we’re making it even easier. Simply post a comment to this blog post (make sure you include your REAL email address) OR follow and DM us on Twitter (@bmorebirdsnest) and you will be entered. We’ll randomly select a winner next week for the Ravens/Panthers game.

Again – Comment below OR follow us on twitter and send a direct message to be entered.

Good Luck!


15 Responses to “Contest: Two Tix for Preseason Game #1 Up for Grabs”

  1. Jon Says:


  2. Micah Says:

    Am I the only person not freaking out about the secondary? Thanks for sponsoring such a great giveaway.

  3. Suttree Says:

    Send those two baby birds my way!

  4. Matt Says:

    Football season can’t being soon enough.

  5. Zac Cooper Says:

    Purple and Black All Day

  6. Chief Zee Says:

    Hail to the Redskins! Am I entered?

  7. Emily Ange Says:

    lets go!

  8. SD Says:

    Pre-Season Football. Getting excited!!

  9. john klug Says:

    Allow myself to enter… myself.

  10. NestMinder Says:

    Too bad it’s not a contest for most clever entry…lookin’ at you, John.

  11. Dante Charby Says:

    The Ravens are the Best Team Ever (in the AFC)

  12. AN Says:

    Super Bowl XLV

  13. Mary Says:

    I’ll take the tickets. What’s hotter than a girl taking her husband to a Ravens game?

  14. Max Says:

    If Ed Reed were to retire, do you think my fantasy football team name of REO Stallworth be a solid replacement to the The City That Reeds?

  15. Jimmy Says:


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