Luke Scott is the AL Player of the Week

I trusted Luke Scott with a gun more before he spoke. (ESPN photo)

Luke Scott- doing his best NBA impression

When Luke Scott injured himself jogging around the bases after smacking one of his 17 home runs this season, everyone in Birdland couldn’t believe how quickly someone’s trade value could decrease… and at the worst time possible.

Scott was eventually placed on the 15-day DL and since then has made a full recovery (and what a recovery it has been!) Luke Scott was just named the MLB American League player of the week. The title given to him by MLB will most definitely increase his trade value at just the right time.

In the past week since his mini vacation on the DL, Scott is batting .452 with five home runs and seven RBI.

While Luke has been one of the very few positive pieces on the Orioles roster- he likely won’t be here for long. Scott’s trade within the next few weeks will hopefully bring in some more value to the minor league system for our 14 year “rebuilding” phase.

One thing all of the players on the Orioles trading block can be guaranteed is that they will not be wearing Yankees pinstripes. For once I am actually happy with a decision made by Peter Angelos.


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