Latest Distraction: Sergio Kindle Falls Down Some Stairs (UPDATE)

Serge Stairs

As if watching Ed Reed slip into bat-shit insanity last week wasn’t distraction enough as the Ravens get set to enter training camp, some more disturbing news rolled in over the weekend.

The Ravens top draft pick of 2010, Texas linebacker Sergio Kindle, suffered a head injury falling down some stairs.

From USA Today:

Baltimore Ravens rookie LB Sergio Kindle suffered a head injury last Thursday after injuring himself at a private home in Austin, Texas.

Kindle, a product of the University of Texas, may have fallen down two flights of stairs, the team said in a statement. He was stable after being treated by doctors in Texas, but isn’t expected to report to the start of the team’s training camp this week.

The National Football Post reported that Kindle, who has yet to sign a contract, is expected to make a complete recovery. The Ravens drafted him with the 43rd overall pick in April’s draft.

From a personal standpoint, we certainly wish Sergio a full recovery, and hope that he didn’t do any long-term damage to his noggin (he has a decade-plus of NFL games in which to remedy that non-damage, of course).

From a team perspective, we hope Kindle is ready to play football ASAP, as rookies especially can’t afford to miss any significant time during training camp, should they hope to be ready come opening day. Its probably worth noting that Kindle had not in fact signed a contract yet (though he was anticipated to sign this week), so in the event his football career IS affected, the Ravens haven’t REALLY invested all that much in him to this point (no signing bonus, etc.) Again, though, the obvious hope is that his contractual status is a moot point, and that he will indeed be making tackles for B’More in 2010 and beyond.

From a world perspective…let’s all thank our lucky stars that it was Kindle falling down two flights of stairs and not the Ravens’ other 2nd-round draft pick Terrence Cody. Cody falling down a flight or two of stairs could be enough to knock this little planet of ours off it’s axis, and send us the way of the dinosaurs.

Cody Crater

UPDATE: Kindle will miss all of training camp. Super.


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