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Contest: Two Tix for Preseason Game #1 Up for Grabs

July 30, 2010

It’s that time of year again – time for the Nest to send two lucky Ravens fans to M&T Bank Stadium to watch the Ravens play FOR FREE! This year’s prize is 2 tickets to the Ravens vs. Carolina Panthers preseason game on Thursday, August 12.

This will be the third year we’ve done this. See our previous contest winners here.

Two years ago, it was a photo contest. Last year, a raffle. This year, we’re making it even easier. Simply post a comment to this blog post (make sure you include your REAL email address) OR follow and DM us on Twitter (@bmorebirdsnest) and you will be entered. We’ll randomly select a winner next week for the Ravens/Panthers game.

Again – Comment below OR follow us on twitter and send a direct message to be entered.

Good Luck!


Ravens Lose Foxworth for Season

July 30, 2010

The Ravens’ week of terrible news wasn’t finished yet, it seems. This morning, on the first official day of training camp, ominous news started to trickle out of Westminster via several sources on Twitter….



Gulp. On the day that Fabian Washington is taken off the PUP list, and Lardarius Webb’s status still very much up-in-the-air, there’s no way we’re going to lose ANOTHER corner. Right?


Oh no.

And then, our worst fears were confirmed.


Just like that, the Ravens’ already weak secondary gets that much weaker. This is terrible, terrible news for the team. More to come as I have a chance to digest it, but for now my Ravens-induced drinking binges are getting off to a much earlier start than anticipated this season…

Adios Miggy!

July 30, 2010


With under 48 hours remaining in the trade deadline, the Orioles have made their first of what we hope to be many moves to salvage something positive from this absolutely horrific season.

Miguel Tejada was traded to the San Diego Padres for RHP prospect Wynn Pelzer and some cash. To fill the hole in the left side of the infield, the Orioles have called up 3B Josh Bell (SHOCKER!!!) for the 3rd time in what seems like the last three weeks.

Shortstop Miguel Tejada #10 of the Houston Astros celebrates after hitting  a two run game winning home run in the bottom of the ninth inning against the St. Louis Cardinals April 7, 2008 at Minute Maid park in Houston, Texas.I finally get to go to a team that doesn’t suck!!!!

O's Hire Showalter as Manager

July 30, 2010

It’s official, mere days after BMoreBirdsNest posted about Andy McSnailPhail taking forever to name a new manager for the Orioles, the team has finally come to an agreement with the very recognizable Buck Showalter.

Showalter, who quit his job at ESPN for the Orioles gig, now joins his 4th franchise as a manager. Buck managed the Yankees (1992-1995) Diamondbacks (1998-2000) and the Rangers (2003-2006). The contract signed today will keep Buck as the manager (or at least on the Orioles payroll) thru the 2013 season.

Buck will make his O’s managerial debut on August 3rd against the Angels, at that time Juan Samuel will return as 3rd base coach and current 3rd base coach Gary Allenson will return to AAA Norfolk to and resume his managing duties.

On another note..somewhere Rick Dempsey is pissed

Rookie Report: Narcoleptic Cheeseburgers

July 29, 2010


Now there’s a headline I bet you never thought you’d read.

I know it’s one I never expected to write, but here we are.

The Ravens’ top 2 draft picks, “Mount” Terrence Cody and Sergio Kindle, are making quite an impression during this, the first week of training camp.

Cody, as we’ve all heard way too many times already (seriously, it was a headline on Huffington Post the other day – Really?!), failed his conditioning test twice on Tuesday. He then passed it on Wednesday. For some reason, the latter story wasn’t plastered all over Yahoo, MSN, Drudge Report, and Peculiar.

For his trouble, Cody was bestowed a much less flattering nickname than he had been used to.

Cody has also taken some ribbing from his teammates after he was unable to practice. Defensive tackle Haloti Ngata has nicknamed him “cheeseburger.”

As for Kindle, it’s been well publicized that he fell down two flights of stairs, fractured his skull, and nobody has any idea of when he’ll be able to suit up and play football again. People have speculated that Kindle’s story about taking a wrong turn in an unfamiliar house is BS, and that there were more nefarious factors at play. This is based on Kindle’s spotty past, which includes a DUI and a car wreck caused by driving while texting.

However, Kindle’s former coach offered up this take: Kindle has narcolepsy.

University of Texas coach Mack Brown said Sergio Kindle’s recent fall down two flights of stairs might have been the result of narcolepsy, according to’s Chip Brown.

Before the Ravens drafted Kindle, there was a report that said he takes medication for narcolepsy (there are reports that he fell asleep during team meetings) and Attention Deficit Disorder.

After they drafted Kindle, the Ravens were asked about the report that Kindle takes medication for narcolepsy and ADD. At that point, Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome and director of player personnel Eric DeCosta looked at each other before laughing. “If it was a concern, we probably wouldn’t have picked him,” DeCosta said at the time.

Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that affects the control of sleep and wakefulness. Some researchers believe there might be a link between narcolepsy and sleepwalking.

This circus just keeps getting wilder. Hell, the only person I have ever known of with narcolepsy was that chick in “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.”

Kindle Narco

Let’s cross our fingers that both these rookies get their acts together – Cody with his conditioning and Kindle with his head (literally and figuratively) – ASAP. And that the next few weeks bring a lot more football news and familiar-sounding headlines that those which we’ve endured so far this week.

Luke Scott is the AL Player of the Week

July 27, 2010

I trusted Luke Scott with a gun more before he spoke. (ESPN photo)

Luke Scott- doing his best NBA impression

When Luke Scott injured himself jogging around the bases after smacking one of his 17 home runs this season, everyone in Birdland couldn’t believe how quickly someone’s trade value could decrease… and at the worst time possible.

Scott was eventually placed on the 15-day DL and since then has made a full recovery (and what a recovery it has been!) Luke Scott was just named the MLB American League player of the week. The title given to him by MLB will most definitely increase his trade value at just the right time.

In the past week since his mini vacation on the DL, Scott is batting .452 with five home runs and seven RBI.

While Luke has been one of the very few positive pieces on the Orioles roster- he likely won’t be here for long. Scott’s trade within the next few weeks will hopefully bring in some more value to the minor league system for our 14 year “rebuilding” phase.

One thing all of the players on the Orioles trading block can be guaranteed is that they will not be wearing Yankees pinstripes. For once I am actually happy with a decision made by Peter Angelos.

MacSnail in no Hurry to Name Permanent Manager

July 27, 2010


From The Baltimore Sun:

The Orioles will continue without a permanent manager until at least after the non-waiver trade deadline passes on Saturday, no matter how the team fares on its current road trip.

Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail reiterated today that he does not have a set timeline for hiring someone to replace interim manager Juan Samuel, who has managed the club to a 16-28 record since Dave Trembley was fired June 9.

A managerial announcement will not come until at least August, MacPhail confirmed, as he concentrates on the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline.

And so what was rumored to be a done deal by the end of the All-Star break will now drag into August. Super.

Oh, and then there was this fun little nugget from yesterday, courtesy of SI’s Jon Heyman:


The great lie of Andy MacPhail’s “total control” over the baseball team takes yet another hit.

This is Birdland.

Latest Distraction: Sergio Kindle Falls Down Some Stairs (UPDATE)

July 26, 2010

Serge Stairs

As if watching Ed Reed slip into bat-shit insanity last week wasn’t distraction enough as the Ravens get set to enter training camp, some more disturbing news rolled in over the weekend.

The Ravens top draft pick of 2010, Texas linebacker Sergio Kindle, suffered a head injury falling down some stairs.

From USA Today:

Baltimore Ravens rookie LB Sergio Kindle suffered a head injury last Thursday after injuring himself at a private home in Austin, Texas.

Kindle, a product of the University of Texas, may have fallen down two flights of stairs, the team said in a statement. He was stable after being treated by doctors in Texas, but isn’t expected to report to the start of the team’s training camp this week.

The National Football Post reported that Kindle, who has yet to sign a contract, is expected to make a complete recovery. The Ravens drafted him with the 43rd overall pick in April’s draft.

From a personal standpoint, we certainly wish Sergio a full recovery, and hope that he didn’t do any long-term damage to his noggin (he has a decade-plus of NFL games in which to remedy that non-damage, of course).

From a team perspective, we hope Kindle is ready to play football ASAP, as rookies especially can’t afford to miss any significant time during training camp, should they hope to be ready come opening day. Its probably worth noting that Kindle had not in fact signed a contract yet (though he was anticipated to sign this week), so in the event his football career IS affected, the Ravens haven’t REALLY invested all that much in him to this point (no signing bonus, etc.) Again, though, the obvious hope is that his contractual status is a moot point, and that he will indeed be making tackles for B’More in 2010 and beyond.

From a world perspective…let’s all thank our lucky stars that it was Kindle falling down two flights of stairs and not the Ravens’ other 2nd-round draft pick Terrence Cody. Cody falling down a flight or two of stairs could be enough to knock this little planet of ours off it’s axis, and send us the way of the dinosaurs.

Cody Crater

UPDATE: Kindle will miss all of training camp. Super.

Paging Mr. Reed…PUT A SOCK IN IT! (Updated)

July 21, 2010


So once again I have to begin a post/discussion with the disclaimer that I am a huge Ed Reed fan. Number 20 has been causing some waves this offseason – first he came out and said that he had some offseason hip surgery, from which he was only about 30-35% recovered. Then in the next breath he talked about wanting a new contract from the Ravens. That latter part of that interview was jumped all over by the local media and blogs, while I thought of it more as a non-story. Tony Lombardi at Ravens24x7 went so far as to say that it was a case of greedy journalists “selling out” Reed (I tend to agree).

However, the latest word vomit (a tip of the hat to the newly incarcerated Lindsay Lohan for that one – what, you didn’t see “Mean Girls?” Psh…you’re missing out…pre-coke LiLo, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried, Tina Fey…but I digress) out of Reed’s mouth is a bit more substantial, to my ears.

During an interview on 105.7 the fan yesterday, Reed said that Troy Smith would be better equipped than Marc Bulger to be Joe Flacco’s backup. Now, unless Reed is referring to the kind of “better equipped” that he would be privy to only by sharing a locker room with these guys, than that statement is absolutely ludicrous.

Bulger is “just another guy that’s been in the league and been around,” Reed said, adding that recently acquired defensive back Ken Hamlin “adds depth to the secondary.”

Marc Bulger has started 95 games in his career.
Troy Smith has started TWO.

Bulger has thrown for over 22,000 yards.
Smith has thrown for 558.

Also, Ed, Bulger has not “been around,” in the sense that he is a journeyman veteran. He has played for one team his entire career, and behind one of the worst offensive lines in football the past several seasons. The Bulger signing was widely regarded around football as beneficial to the team, and as a move that a true Super Bowl contender makes – getting some solid insurance for their young starting signal-caller.

Troy Smith was a fifth round draft pick. He was assigned a fifth-round tender this offseason, meaning that ANY team in this quarterback-deprived league could have had him for the bargain bin price of a 5th round draft pick. Hell, even his hometown team, the Cleveland Browns, whom he has practically begged to sign him for a year now, decided to go instead with the washed up Jake Delhomme AND Seneca Wallace over Smith (maybe the Browns were trying to save their fans another LeBron situation with Smith? :snicker:) NFL talent evaluators obviously have absolutely no regard for Troy Smith, so why he, and to a greater extent, his teammates, hold him in such high regard is truly a mystery.

Fortunately, it’s one that isn’t likely to bother us for much longer. Bulger WILL be the team’s backup this year, and Smith would piss and moan so much at the prospect of being #3 that the Ravens aren’t likely to hold onto him, especially considering that John Beck (another better option than Smith, IMHO) would be happy to just be on a roster in 2010. Smith could learn a thing or two from that mentality.

In the meantime, Ed Reed needs to just…stop…talking…and focus on getting better. The news today is that he expects to start the season on the “Physically Unable to Perform” list, which means he’ll miss at least the team’s first six games. The battle to replace him between Tom Zbikowski and Ken Hamlin will be one to watch this summer, much moreso than the already-decided affair that is to be Bulger vs. Smith for the backup QB job.


Well, I had hardly finished editing and posting this piece and it’s already become apparent that Ed has no plans at all to take my advice.

Talking to The Sun’s Jamison Hensley, who tracked down Reed at a kids’ football camp today, Ed has plenty more input to give:

Reed said “I haven’t had the support from the other side as you think has been there.”

Reed indicated he hadn’t asked the Ravens for a new contract this year, but that he did last year. He’s unhappy with his current deal, which has three years remaining.

“The word I got was: ‘We’re comfortable with where we’re at,'” Reed said. “Yes, you would be comfortable with the plays that I’m making on the field and paying me what you’re paying me.”

“There are six, seven players in front of me [financially] at my position that I honestly wouldn’t let hold my jock, and I don’t even wear one,” Reed said.

In not wearing a jock, Reed revealed that he has something in common with Carl Crawford.

That was my input at this point, a lame joke. Because right now, my favorite Raven is quickly approaching the necessity of a “former” in front of that title.

O's win 30th: Hit Rays in Nuts (literally)

July 21, 2010

Happy 30th O’s…. it’s e’ffing July. With 11 days left to spare in the month, the Orioles pulled off their 30th win in extra inning fashion beating the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 11-10 in 13 innings. For comparisons’ sake, the Yankees reached the 30-win plateau back on May 30th.

Of course, the “monumental” win was no walk in the park for our Birds. O’s rookie pitcher Jake Arrieta now has the most feared pick off throw in all of MLB,  as Rays’ left-fielder Carl Crawford can now attest. The theory of all black gentlemen being extremely hung down below the belt backfired on Crawford last night as he was caught napping on first base. Arrietta threw a pick off throw straight at his (you pick: “junk” “member” “man meat” “tube snake” etc.) and immediately dropped Crawford to the ground. Ty Wiggington promptly picked up the ball and tagged him out.

crawfords nuts

I bet mister all-star and soon to be free agent wished he wore one of these…

Speaking of “big sticks,” the O’s brought theirs out too last night, recording back-to-back-to-back home runs for the first time since September 5, 1995. Luke Scott, Ty Wiggington and Adam Jones each took Rays starter, Matt Garza “yard” in the bottom of the second inning.

Scott played the dare devil role last night by hitting a second home run in the game and actually made it around the bases both times without injuring himself. KEEP BOOSTING THAT TRADE VALUE LUKE!

In true Orioles fashion they of course blew their lead and give up seven unanswered runs to the Rays eventually finding themselves down 8-4.  Miguel Tejada, also trying to boost his trade value, delivered big for the O’s in the bottom of the seventh with a two run double to cut the Rays lead to 8-6.

Miguel wasn’t finished yet because for the second time of the night he answered with a two run double in a clutch situation, this time in the bottom of the ninth and ties the score a 9-9.

After both teams traded runs in the 10th, and the Rays went up by 1 in the top of the 13th, Julio Lugo singled to right field and brought Cezar Iztarus around the bases from second to score the game winning run in the bottom of the 13th.

55070989.jpg picture by nestminder

The Orioles have now snapped their four game losing streak but still remain the laughing stock of Major League Baseball.

Game Stats:

Luke Scott: 3-4  2HR(14) 3 RBI

Miguel Tejada: 2-5  2 2B  4 RBI  R

Adam Jones: 2-5  HR (15)