Can't Get Enough of the Vuvuzela?

In response to Nestminder’s recent post about the World Cup, I figured to post something really quick about what peoples’ finest memories of the world cup will be.

NO…I’m not talking about Landon Donovan’s miracle goal in the first minute of stoppage time to propel the US into the next round… I’m talking about Vuvuzela!

The controversial and annoying Vuvuzela has people turning their TV’s down during the World Cup coverage because of it’s “bee” like sounds when played in harmony with tens of thousands of other drunk idiots at a World Cup match. (Hint: If you turn the treble down on your TV volume settings, it helps with the high pitch sounds)

For weeks I’ve been wondering, “What would it be like to fart in a Vuvuzela?” because I’d surely do that at a soccer match to get not only the place playing at a different tune, but a different smell too. Luckily, I left it to my radio icons, Opie and Anthony and comedic genius Jim Norton to fulfill my curiosity of a different Vuvuzela sound.

Please enjoy….


One Response to “Can't Get Enough of the Vuvuzela?”

  1. NestMinder Says:

    More like PooPoozela.

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