Demper to Get an Interview?

Ok, now this is just bizarre.

It is now being reported that Rick Dempsey is scheduled to interview for the Orioles’ open managerial position. Bobby Valentine has already pulled a “Joe Girardi” and told the team “thanks, but no thanks” (though they hadn’t yet offered him the job), and former Indians’ skipper Eric Wedge is reportedly lining up a second interview. Buck Showalter is also in the mix.

But Dempsey? The guy who has been publicly stamping his feet about wanting this job for years now, and even moreso over the last couple weeks since Dave Trembley was canned? By all accounts, Andy MacPhail had (and still has) NO INTEREST in hiring the Demper to manage his baseball team. If that’s the case, giving the guy an interview at this point (this would be his 4th time interviewing for the O’s management position) is utterly pointless at best, and insulting at worst.

So what gives?

It seems to me and at least several others (feel free to disagree here), that ol’ Greedy Petey Angelos is not being as “hands off” as we had all been told, and expected to believe, he was since MacPhail came to town – or at least, not any more. The rumor floating around town today (I saw this somewhere on twitter, so don’t go saying you heard it from me) was that Angelos wanted to hire Dempsey as the interim manager after Trembley’s firing, and MacPhail wanted Bowie Baysox manager Brad Komminsk. Juan Samuel was the compromise. With the news that Dempsey is set to get an interview, fresh on the heels of that damning rumor, the picture that is starting to come to light is one in which Mr. Angelos is still playing Wizard of Oz, pulling the strings behind closed curtains.

Is this going to be the end of Andy MacPhail in Baltimore?

The warehouse is certainly setting up for some interesting theater moving forward, which is a welcome distraction from the turds actually playing in Oriole uniforms these days.


2 Responses to “Demper to Get an Interview?”

  1. Goob Says:

    I say we hire Showalter and then give Dempsey a minor league gig. This way he can still manage, get some experience and we can keep his mouth shut for a while and off MASN. Who knows what he could do, all I know is that with him in charge, this team will be the same piece of horse shit it is now.


  2. Dave R Says:

    I agree with Goob.

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