Happy 50th O's

This weekend the Orioles suffered their 50th loss of the year at the hands of the San Diego Padres. The Padres (Spanish for “Father”) are  just one of any other 29 teams in MLB who can make the O’s call them daddy.

Bottom line is this team sucks, they aren’t worth writing a serious post on and it’s really hard to come up with anything positive to say about this team. I made a big deal when we hit double digit wins and somehow we managed to lose 50 games before we won 20. This piece of crap team somehow managed to lose 50 games before summer even started (beat it by one day). Until this post, the “10 Wins!” post was still showing up here on the front page – ironic and sad that the “50 Losses” post is the one that knocks it off.

Stay tuned to BMoreBirdsNest.com for all the latest news on this crappy embarrassment to Charm City. When I say “latest news” I mean latest news, I will not be running to my MacBook in any timely fashion to write about this bunch of losers.

Is it football season yet?


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