Nicky Mark Shows a Little Bark

In case watching Orioles baseball has made you feel like the team has already mailed it in, what with their apathetic attitudes and lackadaisical efforts, know that at least one Oriole has had just about enough of this crap, like us.

Nicky Mark sounded off to the Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec earlier this week, and laced into his teammates for just the kind of scratch-your-head hitting approaches we fans have been grumbling about all year:


On team needing better approach: “Sometimes, guys are going up there and it looks like they have no idea what they’re doing. I’m not saying that to bash guys. I want guys to be successful, I want this team to be successful, and I have to produce as well. I’m part of this. But it takes a lot more than one big bat. We definitely need that one guy who could hit you 40 home runs, but from top to bottom, you need guys getting on base. You need guys in there who have a plan, who have a clue and who know how to execute that plan and get on base. We don’t need every guy in this lineup trying to hit home runs. We’re paid to get on base and figure out how to score and drive in runs. You look at the Yankees. They have guys who can hit home runs but everybody in that lineup can get on base.”

On hitting coach Terry Crowley and player accountability: “You have to go up there with an approach. [Crowley] has 110 percent nothing to do with the way we are going about our business at the plate and on the field right now. You can have anybody come here and you still are going to have a couple of guys who are not going to change their approach and fix it. It’s worthless. You can point your fingers here and there, but it is what it is. You’re in the big leagues. You have to change your approach on your own. If you go up there clueless, you’re going to come back [to the dugout] clueless. It’s that simple.”

On direction of the club: “At this point, yeah, where are we going? I know we have a lot of injured guys, we’re in the toughest division in baseball and we’re a last-place team. But at this point, it’s mind boggling. You don’t even know what to think, but you still have to be professional and go out and play every day.”

You gotta feel for Nicky Mark. The guy’s power numbers are (way) down, but he has his average back up to .300, and his .394 OBP is 18th in the Majors (thanks Camden Chat). He is a #2 hitter being forced into a #3 slot because his team is ridiculously terrible, he just signed a long-term deal and is seeing his team get progressively WORSE, not better. He’s always been the quiet clubhouse type, so maybe this is him realizing that hey, if the coaching staff aren’t going to hold anybody accountable, than SOMEBODY better start speaking up? Hopefully he is in his teammates’ ears privately, specifically the ones he called out anonymously in the article.

This is Birdland.


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