Street Signs Make Ray Lewis Cry

Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens linebacker, looks up at the street sign that bears his name. A section of North Avenue is renamed “Ray Lewis Way #52. ”

The City of Baltimore honored one of the most recognizable faces in the city today. A part of North Avenue and Broadway was named “Ray Lewis Way #52” to honor one of the most feared linebackers in the history of the football. Most Thanksgivings, the community and the needy can find Ray Lewis handing out food and other items to those less privileged.

Rain caused the event to primarily be held indoors, where Ray Lewis brought some moisture of his own to the party. Joined by head coach, John Harbaugh, and various other city figures no one cares about, an emotional Lewis took the podium and addressed the media as well as the community.

An emotional Ray Lewis wipes tears from his eyes as he talks about his feelings for the city of Baltimore and its people while Ray Lewis, III, 15, and Baltimore City Comptroller Joan Pratt look on. Later, Lewis unveiled a street sign on a section of North Avenue at Broadway that is renamed “Ray Lewis Way #52.”

Speaking to the crowd, Lewis said, “If Ray Lewis Way does nothing else, just look up instead of looking down,” “If the street does nothing else but make you look up in life and say he did it differently, let that be the goal.”

So lets crack open a Natty Boh and congratulate Ray Lewis on his street dedication. Hopefully he won’t have too many Boh’s and drive, ultimately causing him to lose his street sign and maybe his license like another Baltimore hero we may know…


6 Responses to “Street Signs Make Ray Lewis Cry”

  1. Scott Says:

    That was a pretty cheap shot on Phelps.

  2. The Future Mrs. Joe Flacco Says:

    Seriously. No reason bring Phelps into this…

  3. steve Says:

    Sure he should bring in Phelps, he is the last athlete to receive a street sign in Baltimore/Towson and a lot of controversy came from it. I didn’t know MD had such passionate swimming fans.

  4. Scott Says:


    Did the controversy that you are referring to come from Phelps getting his own street sign or from his “behavior?” I have a problem with neither. I’m not a swimming fan, I just refuse to be appalled or shocked by the fact that a 20-something guy smoked some marijuana and drank a bit too much and made an all-too-common bad decision.


  5. steve Says:

    I don’t disapprove of his actions. I like the fact that he proves weed does nothing to harm you. Phelps could get high and still be the best swimmer in the world, not to mention being the best in one of the most cardio necessary athletic events.

    I’m sure no one wants to see another street sign come down, I think that is the point being made. No one cares what Phelps does, he just eats a ton of Subway now. I’m just surprised people would be so offended of a pic of him smoking some wacky-to-backy

  6. NestMinder Says:

    Yeah, I think Goob’s point is not that he doesn’t want any more controversy, but that he doesnt want any more “controversy” over nothing. Damn people getting all worked up over a kid having a good time, and demanding to get rid of his memorial…stupid.

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