The O's Should Adopt A Soccer Mentality

Many of you would already agree the Orioles have a soccer mentality… at least offensively. It seems like all season this team has operated as if scoring two (goals, points, runs etc.) would be enough to win a game.

Soccer to people in the United States is much like winning is to the Orioles organization this generation – unheard of!

Major League Soccer has been around since 1993 and is expecting expansion of up to 20 teams by 2012 (I wouldn’t expect the Arizona Illegals to become an expansion team until 2019).

The whole reason I’m bringing up soccer is about a recent act of appreciation one of the MLS franchises showed to its fans. After the Seattle Sounders lost 4-0 to the Los Angeles Galaxy, one of their players suggested the fans shouldn’t have to pay to watch the team play so bad.

Ownership listened to the request and issued a credit for each of their 32,000 season ticket holders for the purchase of upcoming season tickets. When I heard this news, I was shocked; not because ownership would give back to the fans but that the Seattle Sounders actually had 32,000 season ticket holders. Does an MLS team actually double the amount of season ticket holders than the Orioles do fans in attendance at games?

The bottom line is that it’s actually refreshing to see a franchise that actually cares about their fan base. The Seattle Sounders clearly appreciate the passionate fans that show up at each game and want to make sure the fans get all of the experience they paid for. Your favorite team doesn’t have to win all the time for the fan-base to be happy with that team, all we, as fans, expect is a competitive product being put on the field.

Peter Angelos and the Orioles front office have done exactly the opposite of what the Seattle Sounders have done or ever would do. This team has been focusing on “hope” and the “future” since 1997 and have done everything but put a competitive product on the field. The only competitive product we can cheer for is our minor league franchises which has been the only excuse “people drinking the orange Kool-Aid” can use to deem our organization a “success”. Thankfully, minor league admission is appropriately priced at an average of $8 per game. The sad part is the Orioles can’t even sell out the stadium offering tickets of $8 for their own fans.


This will never happen!

So come on, Pete, where are our refunds for this 9-23 abomination (still the worst in baseball, as of today)?


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