Ravens 2010 Schedule

9/13 @ New York Jets (Monday Night Football)
9/19 @ Cincinnati
10/3 @ Pittsburgh
10/10 DENVER
10/17 @ New England
10/31 BYE
11/7 MIAMI
11/11 @ Atlanta (Thursday Night Football)
11/21 @ Carolina
12/5 PITTSBURGH (Sunday Night Football)
12/13 @ Houston (Monday Night Football)
12/26 @ Cleveland

Knee-jerk thoughts: Two road games to start off against 2009 Playoff teams – ouch. Pittsburgh as game #4 is going to mean whatever discipline Roger Goodell decides on for “Bendalf the Gray” Roethlisberger could have big implications for the Ravens – Ben’s suspension is expected to be 4 games at the most, so 4 is much better than 3 for the Ravens. Four primetime games, but only one at home? Annoying. At least its the Steelers. After two home games sandwiched around the bye, there will be a short week of rest for the prime time Joe Flacco vs. Matt Ryan showdown.

Talk to you all Thursday during the draft.


One Response to “Ravens 2010 Schedule”

  1. Goob Says:

    Im so pumped for football season. We got some help from the scheduling Gods this year. I don’t typically care who we play because we’re going to have to be better than anyone else to win the superbowl, however, we did get some breaks in relation to suspensions.

    Santonio will be watching from his TV on Monday Night when we go to the Jets which is a huge advantage for us. We all know the history of him torching us on a routine basis.

    We also are either not going to have to face the Rapist or get him fresh off his suspension which also puts us at an advantage. Not to mention that he won’t have Santonio to throw to which will make it even harder for them to win this year.

    Ray Rice has 6 games against the bottom 12 rushing defenses which should give Ray Ray a lot of help battling Chris Johnson for the rushing title.

    I think we’ll proabably be 11-5 this year and should win the division ( I know I sound like such a homer). The geography isn’t bad either, we don’t have any west coast trips and traveling shouldn’t be exhausing. Our bye week seems to be in a great spot for some rest and we are getting some prime time exposure. We never really play our best during prime time though so we can take it for what its worth.

    Personally, I’ll be making it to the Carolina and Atlanta game this year on the road. The only thing that sucks is the Atlanta Thursday night game because I’ll probably have to take two days off work, oh well.. its football season!!!

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