Peter Angelos Hates You!


Peter Angelos (noun). [pee-ter ~ ann-gel-ose] Origin: Greek:

1. to ruin baseball; make it uninteresting: Bud Selig told me that he hopes when another expansion MLB franchise is granted, he doesn’t want the owner to go all Peter Angelos and have everyone hate him.

2. a laywer who should be sued for false advertising: I wonder if the owner of MASN, Peter Angelos, will represent himself when the cable subscribers of Baltimore sue him for making false claims. Supposedly MASN will cover “Every Game” but the game was nowhere to be found on TV last Saturday.

3.  a douche bag: Joe keeps popping up his collar when he wears polo shirts, he’s such a Peter Angelos

During most of our lifetimes; the city of Baltimore, their sports franchises and their fans have only been free of horrible ownership for a brief ten year span. Over those years, most of the previously mentioned were still affected by the citywide bitch-slap handed down by Bob Irsay. With no chance of  NFL football coming back to Baltimore for years, the city turned its full attention to their beloved O’s (come on people, the CFL’s Baltimore Stallions didn’t really count).

The royal blue and white of the Colts was retired and the Orioles orange and black were the only colors left to define the town. Legends like Johnny U passed the torch to new icons / future hall of famers such as Cal Ripken. Memorial Stadium and it’s memories of the good ol’ Colts days shifted to Oriole Park at Camden Yards. While everyone was still grieving many years later, the Orioles and Cal Ripken’s streak were the band-aid that kept us from future suffering.


Most of us know the problem with asbestos and all of the deaths it caused, but unless someone you know was personally affected, you probably only care about one thing…a lawyer named Peter Angelos made almost $100 million just on asbestos cases alone!

In 1993 Angelos and two others purchased the Baltimore Orioles for a cool $173 million from then owner, Eli Jacobs.

We all know what has happened with this franchise under the dictatorship of this money hungry ass.

It’s safe to say that the only memorable thought over the past 16 losing seasons has been one thing…….

CALVIN EDWIN RIPKEN JR. and his 2,632 consecutive game streak!

Before there was Ray Lewis in Baltimore, there was Cal Ripken. In fact, Ray Lewis was only six years old and just started learning how to put on football pads when Ripken started his consecutive games streak. Cal Ripken Jr. is most recognized for doing something everyone is expected to do– show up to work.

Over the weekend, I received a WNST text alert informing us about the story stating that Adolph Angelos turned down Cal Ripken’s offer to help with player development for the Orioles. As I’m sure what happened to most of Birdland happened to me as well, my jaw hit the floor and obscenities came flying out of my mouth.

Cal Ripken Jr. is arguably one of the most active retired players in Major League Baseball. Ripken has been just as active in the community and furthering the development of Little League Baseball as he has been in the development for professional players. Cal’s shiny bald head can be found on TV as an analyist for TBS and on the radio airwaves as well working for Sirius/XM with this brother Billy.  Not to mention that baseball envoy to China he partook in a few years ago.

I could go on all day about his contributions to Little League Baseball and the monstrous little league parks he has created; however, I want to focus more on the professional baseball qualifications. Ripken either owns or is part owner to three minor league (A) franchises, one of which is affiliated with the Orioles.

Ripken has clearly demonstrated that his baseball mind combined with his business sense and overall popularity within Baltimore and Major League Baseball is a force to be reckoned with. Three years ago, it was rumored that Ripken would be willing to purchase the Birds if owner Peter Angelos was ever interested.

Cal returning to the Orioles to help mentor the young players on this team would be a dream come true to most fans in Birdland. The team is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E and just happens to be loaded with some great young talent. Matt Wieters, Adam Jones, Nolan Reimold, and other youngsters on this team could really benefit from Ripken’s presence around the ball park on a daily routine.

Peter Angelos has been rumored to deny Ripken’s request so he wouldn’t reap in all the rewards of turning this team around. Out of all the negatives about this franchise, this is the most asinine statement I’ve ever heard about the Orioles. The O’s are no where near close to having a big name free agent coming to play for them but we have a big name free agent “consultant” being sent from God to help this team. Angelos clearly knows Ripken could lend a helping hand because he fears the success he would actually have.

Why would you deny a man with such success and a proven track record (19x All-Star, Rookie of the Year, World Champion, 2x AL-MVP, 2x All-Star Game MVP— oh and not to mention… HALL OF FAMER!) to come lend a hand? The only thing Cal might not be able to help with is batting stance advice – given his ever changing style.

For the past 16 years we have been told we are in a rebuilding phase. If we held on to one quality player who started during the Angelos regime they would have already been retired and possibly considered for the Hall of Fame. Instead, what are we given—MELVIN FREAKIN’ MORA.

This once proud organization has slumped to a new low and isn’t going anywhere soon.

The bottom line here people is that as long as Peter Angelos is alive… he will not sell this team! He is making too much money off of MASN that it doesn’t matter how many of us Orioles die hards actually show up at the park. We will probably see the Baysox have higher attendance on a mid-week series than the Orioles, and Peter doesn’t care! This team is well on their way to duplicating their record from last year or actually be even worse. We can’t get any worse than last place in the division but I think they have a legitimate shot at the lowest win total in the MLB. This is the WORST CASE SCENARIO and Peter Angelos will still probably net over $40 million in profit.

This all leaves me to my last point…. we will not see an ownership change until Peter Angelos goes to that big courtroom in the sky, and even then, his sons are waiting in the wings. All we can do in Birdland is bide our time, and maybe join Nasty Nestor and WNST at the “Free The Birds” rallies.

As far as a motive to make Peter hate Baltimore, I think I figured it out—

1.) He’s still mad they he got less than 10% of the vote when he ran for Mayor of Baltimore in 1964

2.) He’s from Pittsburg and he is a Steelers fan! ENOUGH SAID!


7 Responses to “Peter Angelos Hates You!”

  1. Tweets that mention Angelos Tells Ripken to “Bug Off!” WTF?! : Baltimore's Best Ravens and Orioles Blog -- Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by B'More Birds' Nest and Charm City Now, B'More Birds' Nest. B'More Birds' Nest said: Angelos tells Ripken to "Bug Off!" Goob's take – […]

  2. Camden Depot Says:

    I guess my question is what is Cal offering. He was a great baseball player, he seems competent with his businesses, and he seems like people like his clinics. I don’t think he is particularly a go to guy for clinics, but they all seem very well attended. One thing he has been unable to exhibit is any developmental eye for assessing or valuing talent.

    If he wants to help Orioles “finish off” their development . . . why hasn’t he been doing that already. Players can have personal trainers.

    I don’t know. Rosenthal has such a horrible relationship with Angelos that it must be near impossible to get a well rounded story out there when it involves the O’s. It makes the paraphrasing and quotes feel incredibly vague and somewhat contradictory. He probably should just make an arrangement with another writer to trade stories and give someone else all of the Orioles’ rumors he fields.

  3. NestMinder Says:

    I see what Camden Depot is saying – it’s a valid point. I’m trying not to be too knee-jerk about it either, but I just get the feeling that the whole thing comes down to Peter keeping control.

    They don’t want Cal to see how they really do business; that is, $ first, winning a distant second. Cal will (maybe) recognize a weakness, find a free agent that can fill it, and try to go sign that guy. If “signing that guy” means spending money, Pete won’t sign off on it.

    Angelos’ number one goal is profit. He cares not for winning, so why bring in a guy that will actually try to win?

  4. anon Says:

    You’re an idiot. The game was televised Saturday because it was in the fox window. The A’s decided that not Angelos.

  5. Goob Says:

    I know I’m an idiot.. you don’t have to sell me on that point or anyone who knows me. I do also know that the reason the game wasn’t on was because of Fox. Thank you for taking MASN so serious and my post so serious as well. Apparently a sense of humor isn’t required before you read anything that comes from me.

  6. ROSE Says:


  7. NestMinder Says:

    Rose, no worries. There is profit to be had in winning your case. The man knows how to make money.

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