Mike Gonzalez Ruined Opening Day

(Sorry if you read the premature very rough draft of the post with the same title- we had a technical glitch)

Well he did it again… Mike Gonzalez blew another save. Fans around the Yard used had the taste of Natty Boh and Esskay hot dogs in their mouth, but once Gonzalez was brought into the game, that all changed. The fine combination of these delightful ballpark treats was quickly replaced with a sourness unlike no other. It happens to be the same sourness the Orioles are paying $6 million per year to experience.

Senor Gonzalez ruined the only day in Orioles baseball that has mattered each of the last 13 seasons. He ruined the one day when people actually take off work to go to a baseball game.  He also ruined the only day Camden Yards is sold out and surprisingly not filled with Massholes or Derek Jeter lovin’ Yankees fans.

Opening Day did start out exciting, besides the typically Orange Carpet treatment for the 2010 team, fans were treated to a ceremonial first pitch unlike no other. O’s legends, Brooks Robinson and Boog Powell threw out the first pitch to commeriate the 40th anniversary of the Orioles 1970 World Championship.

One Oriole in particular looked good at the plate, he also happened to be returning to the Yard for his home debut since leaving the Houston Astros. Miguel Tejada went 3-5 with a two run home run and four RBI’s.

Ok…now lets start the complaining…..

Brian Roberts once again hurt himself. After missing most of spring training with a herniated disk in his back, Roberts strained an abdominal muscle while attempting to steal a base. He would eventually score for the Orioles but left the game shortly after scoring the first run in the first inning.

With this newest injury, Roberts could find himself collecting a few paychecks from the bench on the disabled list. The injuries aren’t serious but are the type that heal with rest and that is just what Brian Roberts needs. It’s safe to say that B-Rob won’t be doing any core exercises on P90X for a few weeks.

After his latest injury, Brian Roberts may be able to collect more than a paycheck from the Orioles. During a time where players are honored (and sometimes cursed) to be on the front of the latest video game cover for their respective sport, Roberts could be taking a different approach and tackling a forgotten gaming industry— board games.


And now back to Mike Gonzalez. What the hell is this guy doing out on the mound? He was the only guy to get booed louder than Cito Gaston (for those of you who don’t remember, he was the AL manager who didn’t let Mike Mussina pitch in the 1993 All-Star game at Camden Yards). Apparently after blowing his first save attempt during the first game for the Orioles in Tampa Bay, he hasn’t been able to recover. After almost blowing a save on Thursday, Gonzalez made sure there was no doubt he would make every O’s fan chew off all their fingernails. In just his third appearance in orange, HE BLEW ANOTHER SAVE!!!!

I am not even going to start ranting about how horrible this guy is but I am pretty sure Andy MacPhail has to be questioning his decision to sign this pile of crap to a 2 year/ $12 million deal. The only good news about his contract is that we are only going to have to deal with him for two years at the most.

The Orioles have notoriously been reluctant to sign free agents or trade for high profile players because of salary concerns. Gonzalez is doing nothing to help break down that barrier from the O’s upper brass and probably will cause them to be cheap for a few more years because all signs point to us getting burned with this decision.

Hopefully Gonzalez can turn himself around but it does not look too promising. I suggest the Orioles save a roster space and get every cent out of him by assigning him to the grounds keeping crew.

I vote my new favorite player, Will Ohman as the new closer. We are already saying his name as Gonzalez trots in from the bullpen so why not just appoint him to the position?

We could be looking at the glass as half full or half empty depending on your thoughts, but as a follower on twitter (bm0rioles) points out, every team has to lose a few games per season. Let’s just hope it ends somewhere between 50-70 and the Orioles are just getting a head start.


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