O's Trade for Julio Lugo

Earlier today, the St. Louis Cardinals traded veteran infielder Julio Lugo to the Baltimore Orioles, in return for the infamous “player to be named later” and cash. Cardinals Manager and Drunk Driver Tony LaRussa confirmed the deal.

Lugo is no stranger to Birdland, having spent a good amount of his career in the AL-East (a-la former Oriole 1B-Kevin Millar). The Orioles will be his third AL-East team (Rays and Red Sux) and sixth overall in his career.

The trade became more necessary as second baseman Brian Roberts continues to battle back issues from the offseason. Lugo can also assist the Orioles in other infield positions besides first base. The O’s can rely on him to give either Miguel Tejada or Cesar Izturis some rest time on the pine.

The is low-risk move for the Orioles because they only have to pay him the league minimum of $400,000, with the Cardinals picking up the balance. Julio still has $8.6 million left on a 4-year $36 million dollar deal he never quite lived up to in Boston. After signing his deal in Bean Town before the 2007 Championship Season, Lugo was looked at as the “turd in the bunch bowl” and shipped to St. Louis last summer.

Lugo’s Career Statistics:

BA: .271

2B: 234

HR: 80


SB: 193

OBP: .336


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