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Positive News from Birdland!!!

April 28, 2010

I bring you joy Orioles fans here at BMoreBirdsNest! Not only have the Orioles DOUBLED their win total to a whopping four (4) games since my last post…but someone pitched a no hitter tonight… and it actually wasn’t against the Orioles!

(Technically it wasn’t someone on the Orioles either) Triple-A prospect, Chris Tillman put some goose eggs on the score board tonight as the Norfolk Tides visited Gwinnett Braves out of the “Dirty South”.

If it wasn’t for a fifth inning walk and an error from Michael Aubrey, Tillman could have had a perfect game.

Tillman, one of the multiple players involved in the Erik Bedard trade to Seattle in 2006, only surrendered one walk and struck out six “wanna-be Braves”.

Achieving a no-no in any level of professional baseball is admirable, even if it’s not in the major leagues.
I have no doubt if future 2010 Rookie of the Year (Jason Heyward) was still playing for Gwinnett, we wouldn’t be talking about Tillman tonight.

Chris Tillman caps off a great week of Orioles minor league pitching as 2009 first round pick, Matt Hobgood, went seven scoreless innings and only allowed two hits for the Delmarva Shorebirds on April 21.

Hobgood will hopefully be gaining some credibility around professional baseball. His paychecks may not be laughable with his $2.4 million signing bonus fresh out of high school but he sure needs to lose the braces if he wants to be a feared pitcher in the big leagues.



This Guy Will Be Bending Over In Front of Big Ben

April 22, 2010

Meet Maurkice Pouncey the 18th overall pick of the NFL Draft and he’s on his way to Pittsburgh. I’m glad this guy wasted no time making an ass of himself  even before he put on that horrible black and gold.

During a time when these future millionares dress up in very nice suits and ridiculous jewelry that they definitely stretched their credit out to buy… Pouncey was seen wearing a damn hubcap around his neck and the typical “homeboy” outfit of a white shirt and blue jeans.

Way to stay classy Pittsburgh, I can’t wait to print this picture out on a huge poster and bring it to the game. You’ve made this draft already enjoyable and the Ravens haven’t even picked yet

Grow the Arms, Buy the (Aluminum) Bats

April 22, 2010

We’ve been beaten over the head for the last several years with Andy MacPhail’s plan of “grow the arms, buy the bats,” regarding his approach to free agency and minor league system-building.

We all thought that was supposed to mean “sign power hitters in free agency,” but perhaps the genius of MacPhail had other plans all along? Such as, buying ACTUAL bats!

I can see it now – MacPhail announces today, on the off day, that the Orioles have bought an entire new supply of baseball bats – top-of-the-line aluminum bats, the kind that will have them smashing balls all over the field like…well, like other teams in the Majors hit with their wooden bats.

Alum Bat
The O’s new bats?

The “zeros” have scored 46 runs, tied for fewest in the American League (however, the team they are tied with, Cleveland, has played two fewer games). During that wonderful 1-6 west coast road trip that just finished, they scored 19 runs in 7 games. In the six losses, 11 runs in 6 games.

Their minus-35 run differential is worst in the Majors, BY FAR, with second-to-last Houston at -26.

They are hitting a collective .225/.285/.643 (BA/OBP/OPS), good for 27th, 29th, 28th out of 30 teams, respectively.

And, finally, thanks to Luke Jones at WNST for pointing this out today: From National Lampoon’s Sports Minute – Congress wants Major League Baseball to ban smokeless tobacco. Fans want Major League Baseball to ban the Orioles.

Our long civic nightmare continues, with no end in sight.

Come on, Andy. Those bats our boys have now aren’t working. Let’s buy some new ones.

Ravens 2010 Schedule

April 20, 2010

9/13 @ New York Jets (Monday Night Football)
9/19 @ Cincinnati
10/3 @ Pittsburgh
10/10 DENVER
10/17 @ New England
10/31 BYE
11/7 MIAMI
11/11 @ Atlanta (Thursday Night Football)
11/21 @ Carolina
12/5 PITTSBURGH (Sunday Night Football)
12/13 @ Houston (Monday Night Football)
12/26 @ Cleveland

Knee-jerk thoughts: Two road games to start off against 2009 Playoff teams – ouch. Pittsburgh as game #4 is going to mean whatever discipline Roger Goodell decides on for “Bendalf the Gray” Roethlisberger could have big implications for the Ravens – Ben’s suspension is expected to be 4 games at the most, so 4 is much better than 3 for the Ravens. Four primetime games, but only one at home? Annoying. At least its the Steelers. After two home games sandwiched around the bye, there will be a short week of rest for the prime time Joe Flacco vs. Matt Ryan showdown.

Talk to you all Thursday during the draft.

Peter Angelos Hates You!

April 18, 2010


Peter Angelos (noun). [pee-ter ~ ann-gel-ose] Origin: Greek:

1. to ruin baseball; make it uninteresting: Bud Selig told me that he hopes when another expansion MLB franchise is granted, he doesn’t want the owner to go all Peter Angelos and have everyone hate him.

2. a laywer who should be sued for false advertising: I wonder if the owner of MASN, Peter Angelos, will represent himself when the cable subscribers of Baltimore sue him for making false claims. Supposedly MASN will cover “Every Game” but the game was nowhere to be found on TV last Saturday.

3.  a douche bag: Joe keeps popping up his collar when he wears polo shirts, he’s such a Peter Angelos

During most of our lifetimes; the city of Baltimore, their sports franchises and their fans have only been free of horrible ownership for a brief ten year span. Over those years, most of the previously mentioned were still affected by the citywide bitch-slap handed down by Bob Irsay. With no chance of  NFL football coming back to Baltimore for years, the city turned its full attention to their beloved O’s (come on people, the CFL’s Baltimore Stallions didn’t really count).

The royal blue and white of the Colts was retired and the Orioles orange and black were the only colors left to define the town. Legends like Johnny U passed the torch to new icons / future hall of famers such as Cal Ripken. Memorial Stadium and it’s memories of the good ol’ Colts days shifted to Oriole Park at Camden Yards. While everyone was still grieving many years later, the Orioles and Cal Ripken’s streak were the band-aid that kept us from future suffering.


Most of us know the problem with asbestos and all of the deaths it caused, but unless someone you know was personally affected, you probably only care about one thing…a lawyer named Peter Angelos made almost $100 million just on asbestos cases alone!

In 1993 Angelos and two others purchased the Baltimore Orioles for a cool $173 million from then owner, Eli Jacobs.

We all know what has happened with this franchise under the dictatorship of this money hungry ass.

It’s safe to say that the only memorable thought over the past 16 losing seasons has been one thing…….

CALVIN EDWIN RIPKEN JR. and his 2,632 consecutive game streak!

Before there was Ray Lewis in Baltimore, there was Cal Ripken. In fact, Ray Lewis was only six years old and just started learning how to put on football pads when Ripken started his consecutive games streak. Cal Ripken Jr. is most recognized for doing something everyone is expected to do– show up to work.

Over the weekend, I received a WNST text alert informing us about the story stating that Adolph Angelos turned down Cal Ripken’s offer to help with player development for the Orioles. As I’m sure what happened to most of Birdland happened to me as well, my jaw hit the floor and obscenities came flying out of my mouth.

Cal Ripken Jr. is arguably one of the most active retired players in Major League Baseball. Ripken has been just as active in the community and furthering the development of Little League Baseball as he has been in the development for professional players. Cal’s shiny bald head can be found on TV as an analyist for TBS and on the radio airwaves as well working for Sirius/XM with this brother Billy.  Not to mention that baseball envoy to China he partook in a few years ago.

I could go on all day about his contributions to Little League Baseball and the monstrous little league parks he has created; however, I want to focus more on the professional baseball qualifications. Ripken either owns or is part owner to three minor league (A) franchises, one of which is affiliated with the Orioles.

Ripken has clearly demonstrated that his baseball mind combined with his business sense and overall popularity within Baltimore and Major League Baseball is a force to be reckoned with. Three years ago, it was rumored that Ripken would be willing to purchase the Birds if owner Peter Angelos was ever interested.

Cal returning to the Orioles to help mentor the young players on this team would be a dream come true to most fans in Birdland. The team is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E and just happens to be loaded with some great young talent. Matt Wieters, Adam Jones, Nolan Reimold, and other youngsters on this team could really benefit from Ripken’s presence around the ball park on a daily routine.

Peter Angelos has been rumored to deny Ripken’s request so he wouldn’t reap in all the rewards of turning this team around. Out of all the negatives about this franchise, this is the most asinine statement I’ve ever heard about the Orioles. The O’s are no where near close to having a big name free agent coming to play for them but we have a big name free agent “consultant” being sent from God to help this team. Angelos clearly knows Ripken could lend a helping hand because he fears the success he would actually have.

Why would you deny a man with such success and a proven track record (19x All-Star, Rookie of the Year, World Champion, 2x AL-MVP, 2x All-Star Game MVP— oh and not to mention… HALL OF FAMER!) to come lend a hand? The only thing Cal might not be able to help with is batting stance advice – given his ever changing style.

For the past 16 years we have been told we are in a rebuilding phase. If we held on to one quality player who started during the Angelos regime they would have already been retired and possibly considered for the Hall of Fame. Instead, what are we given—MELVIN FREAKIN’ MORA.

This once proud organization has slumped to a new low and isn’t going anywhere soon.

The bottom line here people is that as long as Peter Angelos is alive… he will not sell this team! He is making too much money off of MASN that it doesn’t matter how many of us Orioles die hards actually show up at the park. We will probably see the Baysox have higher attendance on a mid-week series than the Orioles, and Peter doesn’t care! This team is well on their way to duplicating their record from last year or actually be even worse. We can’t get any worse than last place in the division but I think they have a legitimate shot at the lowest win total in the MLB. This is the WORST CASE SCENARIO and Peter Angelos will still probably net over $40 million in profit.

This all leaves me to my last point…. we will not see an ownership change until Peter Angelos goes to that big courtroom in the sky, and even then, his sons are waiting in the wings. All we can do in Birdland is bide our time, and maybe join Nasty Nestor and WNST at the “Free The Birds” rallies.

As far as a motive to make Peter hate Baltimore, I think I figured it out—

1.) He’s still mad they he got less than 10% of the vote when he ran for Mayor of Baltimore in 1964

2.) He’s from Pittsburg and he is a Steelers fan! ENOUGH SAID!

Latest Mock Drafts – One Week Out

April 15, 2010

I think we’ve all had just about as much of the bad news from “Birdland” (more like Turdland, amright?) as we can stand for the moment, so we turn our attention now to “Ravenstown” instead. You know, that other team in B’More that actually tries (and succeeds) to win every now and again.

There is just one week remaining until the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft, and that means it’s time for the Nest’s final mock draft round-up. (Find our previous round-ups here, here, and here.)

Let’s get to the picks, shall we?

ESPN’s Mel Kiper and Todd McShay (they agree) (subscription required)

Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech

Kiper says: The Ravens have made moves to add help for Joe Flacco, but drafting a young WR that can grow with Flacco is still an important consideration. Thomas is a big, physical home run threat, and even this high, may have been undervalued because he was stuck in a running system at Tech. He’s the perfect downfield target for Flacco’s big arm, a guy who can make plays even when the defense knows it’s coming.

McShay says: Baltimore has a reputation for cashing in on the best available player and this is another opportunity to do so. Thomas would be a steal here given his size/speed combination and give QB Joe Flacco another dangerous weapon to go with offseason acquisitions Anquan Boldin and Donte’ Stallworth.

Our take: Thomas is an intriguing option. However, Ozzie Newsome may be a bit gun-shy about taking first-round WRs at this point, after missing on Travis Taylor and Mark Clayton, both of whom were/are decent, but never developed into the kind of talent you would like to see a first-rounder become. To borrow a phrase from Ray Lewis, bottom line is, Ozzie and the Ravens’ front office have been MUCH more successful evaluating talent at other positions.

One of the knocks on Thomas is that he struggles to run block, despite playing in a running system at Georgia Tech. Scouts, Inc. says that “it’s alarming how poor of a run blocker he is for his size. His angles are atrocious at times and he looks lost far too often.” The Ravens, even if they added Thomas, are likely to still be a run-first team. However, playing for a few years with a guy that takes such pride in his run blocking as Anquan Boldin could do wonders for the kid in this respect.

When it comes right down to it, I just don’t see the Ravens going WR in the first round. Think about it – last year, these mock drafts all had the Ravens taking a WR too. Ozzie didn’t do it then, so why would he do it now, after an offseason in which he added Anquan Boldin and Dante Stallworth, and locked up Derrick Mason for at least another season? I do think the Ravens will take a WR at some point in the draft, but not in the first round.

CBS Sports’ Rob Rang

Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

Even with the addition of Anquan Boldin, the Ravens won’t hesitate to select a talented receiver should he be the best player available. General manager Ozzie Newsome has developed a reputation for finding superstars in the latter portions of the first round. If he can get over Dez Bryant’s questionable professionalism, Newsome might just discover another star. Some veteran scouts have compared Bryant to Randy Moss.

Our take: Alright, so you remember all that stuff I said about wide receivers in the draft regarding Demaryius Thomas? Throw it all right out the window if Dez Bryant is still on the board at #25. He is listed as the #12 overall prospect in the draft by Scouts, Inc., and if he falls this far, Ozzie and Co. would no doubt have to break their “best player available” rule to pass him up. On the field, Bryant is incredible, and there is absolutely no reason he should fall to the bottom of the first round. The questions arise regarding some off the field issues – he was suspended for the final 10 games of the 2009 season for lying to NCAA investigators regarding his relationship with former Raven Deion Sanders.

For comparison’s sake, Kiper and McShay have Bryant going at #7 and #21, respectively. I really do think this is a case where the Ravens would overlook the potential negatives in Bryant’s personality and select him in a heartbeat if he was there. I just don’t see any scenario in which he is still available by the time the purple and black are on the clock. Some team in the top 24 will give the kid from Oklahoma State a shot. It’s a pipe dream to think the Ravens could get him without trading up significantly.

CBS Sports’ Chad Reuter, Pete Prisco, and Clark Judge (all in agreement)

Jared Odrick, DT, Penn State

Reuter says: The loss of Dwan Edwards and Justin Bannan means Odrick would step in right away to help NT Haloti Ngata free up Ray Lewis to do his thing.

Prisco says: The more and more you hear, the more this one makes sense

Judge says: A vastly underrated defensive tackle who shouldn’t last this long. The Ravens are all about defense, and he helps them … or anyone … in the middle.

Our take: Reuter makes a valid point about the losses of Edwards and Bannan. However, he neglects to mention that the Ravens also added Cory Redding to the roster. Defensive tackle is a position at which the Ravens seem to consistently have adequate depth. Adding a guy like Odrick could certainly bolster the line, but at what cost? Scouts, Inc. has him ranked as the #28 talent on the board, so what are the chances that he will fit the Ravens “best player” motto? Not to mention that DT Haloti Ngata is due for a new contract after this season, and having that much money (Ngata’s contract plus first round money to Odrick, should they draft him) tied up in one position might not be the wisest course of action, NFL collective bargaining agreement issues aside. Especially on a team that is realizing that their offense is what has been holding them back over the last several years, not the defense.

While a purple-clad Odrick would make the local Penn State fans happy, again, I just don’t see it.’s Bucky Brooks

Terrence Cody, DT, Alabama

The Ravens need to fortify their interior defense after losing Justin Bannan and Dwan Edwards in free agency. Cody gives the team a mammoth nose tackle that is nearly impossible to move off the ball. He teams with Haloti Ngata to form an impenetrable wall at the point of attack.

Our take: Cody seems even less likely than Odrick to me. In addition to all the issues I mentioned above, “Mount Cody” comes with some weight and work ethic issues that make him even more of a stretch in my mind. Scouts, Inc. puts him at #48(!) on their board, so unless Ozzie & Co. see something extremely special in this guy that nobody else really seems to (hey, it’s happened before), this pick seems just as likely to happen on Saturday, if at all, as it does on Thursday night.

Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager:

Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma

The Ravens’ five 2010 draft picks are: first round (25th overall), second round (57th), fifth round (156th and 157th) and sixth round (194th). The Ravens traded their third- and fourth-round picks to Arizona for Anquan Boldin and their seventh-round pick went to Tampa Bay in a 2009 trade for defensive end Marques Douglas. With just five picks, look for Baltimore to focus on finding players that can both contribute right away and fill glaring needs. Gresham is the top tight end talent in this draft. Add him into the mix with recently acquired wideouts Anquan Boldin and Donte Stallworth, and watch Joe Flacco’s passing numbers reach new heights.

Our take: We’ve already covered Gresham extensively – click here for the all-Gresham mock draft round up from last month.

Closing thoughts: Out of eight mock drafts, we have 3 experts seeing the Ravens go WR, 4 that say DT, and now just 1 guessing TE. I definitely didn’t start writing this blog planning to shoot down what every single “expert” had to say, it just kind of worked out that way. I have to say, it seems like these guys haven’t even been watching the way Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens’ front office operates over the last 14 years. I don’t profess to know any better than they do what the Ravens will do, but these guys don’t have a very good track record overall of predicting ANY picks, let alone those of the Ravens.

Additionally, I find it very hard to believe that none of these guys are mocking a cornerback to the Ravens at #25. A guy like Patrick Robinson or Kyle Wilson could give the Ravens some much needed depth at CB, and they seem infinitely more likely to me than a guy like Terrence Cody.

I realize that I’ve done all this critiquing of others’ picks without offering one of my own. Just for craps and giggles, I’ll go on record with this prediction: The Ravens either trade back from #25, or take Gresham.

What say you?

Best News of the Season So Far: Gonzalez Lands on 15-Day DL!

April 14, 2010


Orioles closer Mike Gonzalez made his most significant contribution to the Orioles last night. As manager, Dave Trembley called to the bullpen to bring Gonzalez into the game, but Gonzo called back and notified Trembley that he would be unavailable to pitch in the game.

Gonzalez left many of his teammates wondering why he would turn down a chance to redeem himself after his horrible start in Orange and Black. Well, during the telecast of the final game of the series (which is currently looking like a sweep by the Rays) MASN announced that Gonzalez will be placed on the 15 day DL.

Regardless of whomever is designated as closer, this team has many more problems besides the lack of an established closer on the roster. Gonzalez cannot be blamed for the hitting struggles, dropped infield fly balls and horrible base running, but he is the poster child for this horrendous start to the 2010 season.

According to MASN, Kam Mickolio will be expected to fill in for Gonzalez in the bullpen with the closer role remaining the same “To Be Determined”. Mickolio is currently playing in AAA-Norfolk and will meet with the team tonight in Oakland where the official announcement is expected to be made.

Mike Gonzalez as "Mr. Boh"

April 13, 2010

Nick-a-What?! and I were in attendance at the Beer, Bourbon, and Barbecue Festival last Saturday (I was the non-sober one) at Timonium Fairgrounds. The fine people that produce all that lovely “Mr. Boh” gear were also there, with a sweet booth full of Natty Boh-inspired merchandise.

This was one of the shirts they had available:

Boh Baseball

Not bad.

However, in lieu of the great Mike Gonzalez joining the team and leaving his mark early and often, we put our heads together and came up with a slightly altered version. We think the shirt now fully represents what the 2010 Orioles have been all about through the first seven games:

Boh Bloh Saves

A Terrible First Week Mercifully Ends

April 13, 2010

It took the Orioles all of one week’s worth of “real” games to pretty much squash that whole “hope springs eternal” feeling of Spring Training baseball.

The fact that last night’s paid attendance of 9,129 was the lowest in the history of Camden Yards just underscores the point that the O’s are walking a very thin line with the fans, as the small number of remaining die-hards continues to dwindle year after year. The performance of the team on the field has been completely uninspired, and a 1-6 mark after the first week is worse than even the sky-is-falling-est O’s fans could have foreseen. In reality, they are very lucky to not be 0-7, as their one victory was a 5-4 nailbiter that saw the Rays load the bases on closer Mike Gonzalez in the bottom of the ninth.

The one team that they were supposed to finish ahead of in the AL East this season, the Toronto Blue Jays, just swept them at home. Apparently, nobody told the Jays that it was their turn to be relegated to the basement.

With the exception of Gonzalez, the Orioles’ pitching has not been the issue through the first week. The starters haven’t let the lumps they were taking in Sarasota carry over into the regular season. Jeremy Guthrie and Kevin Millwood have pitched 13.1 and 12.2 innings, respectively, over their first two starts, with Guthrie’s ERA at 4.05 and Millwood’s at 2.13. David Hernandez gave up just 2 runs over 6 innings in his first start, and Brian Matusz just 2 runs and 2 hits over 5. However, those quality starts have not translated to wins, as Guthrie is 0-2, and Millwood and Hernandez 0-1.

The problem has been the extreme lack of offense. The O’s are second-to-last in the Major Leagues with 20 runs scored (only the 0-7 Houston Astros have scored fewer), and their team batting average of .232 is 10th out of 14 American League teams. Their .365 slugging percentage is worse, 12th in the AL. They are a dismal 9-for-57 (.158) with runners in scoring position for the season, and just 1-for-17 with RISP over their last three games, all losses.

Will those numbers improve? Of course. Nick Markakis won’t hit .143 all season. Adam Jones won’t hit .233 and Miguel Tejada won’t hit .207. Someone will EVENTUALLY hit more than one home run. Brian Roberts will (hopefully) be back. Comparatively, in 2009, the O’s were 5th in the AL with a .268 batting average as a team.

Still, knowing that the hitting numbers WILL improve does nothing to alleviate the wincing pain of that 1-6 start. Despite what some of the Orange Kool-Aid Brigade will try to convince us, these games COUNT! Just as much as games in July or September, unfortunately. The apologists accuse Baltimore fans of bringing our football mentality to baseball season.

First off, who could blame us for wishing the orange team was more like the purple one? That aside though, their point has a hint of merit. In football, we treat every game as life and death because there are only 16 of them all season, and that one loss can easily mean the difference between playoffs and an early offseason. The baseball season is over six months long, and each team will play 162 games during the course of the year. So, basically, every 10 baseball games have the impact of one football game; that is, a single loss during the NFL season carries the weight of 10 during the MLB year. The O’s have played just 4.3% of their schedule – that would translate to late in the third quarter of the Ravens’ opening game.

Yes, there is PLENTY of baseball left to be played. But for a fan base that was promised, and was banking on, improvement THIS season, in year three of Andy MacPhail’s “plan,” it’s just very tough to suppress our frustrations at being in last place, again, already. Especially when we witness the same kind of inexcusable fundamental breakdowns from our team (Adam Jones, Luke Scott-Ty Wigginton getting picked off last night) that were so prevalent in recent seasons, and that we were told were a thing of the past.

Let’s get it together, birds.

Mike Gonzalez Ruined Opening Day

April 10, 2010

(Sorry if you read the premature very rough draft of the post with the same title- we had a technical glitch)

Well he did it again… Mike Gonzalez blew another save. Fans around the Yard used had the taste of Natty Boh and Esskay hot dogs in their mouth, but once Gonzalez was brought into the game, that all changed. The fine combination of these delightful ballpark treats was quickly replaced with a sourness unlike no other. It happens to be the same sourness the Orioles are paying $6 million per year to experience.

Senor Gonzalez ruined the only day in Orioles baseball that has mattered each of the last 13 seasons. He ruined the one day when people actually take off work to go to a baseball game.  He also ruined the only day Camden Yards is sold out and surprisingly not filled with Massholes or Derek Jeter lovin’ Yankees fans.

Opening Day did start out exciting, besides the typically Orange Carpet treatment for the 2010 team, fans were treated to a ceremonial first pitch unlike no other. O’s legends, Brooks Robinson and Boog Powell threw out the first pitch to commeriate the 40th anniversary of the Orioles 1970 World Championship.

One Oriole in particular looked good at the plate, he also happened to be returning to the Yard for his home debut since leaving the Houston Astros. Miguel Tejada went 3-5 with a two run home run and four RBI’s.

Ok…now lets start the complaining…..

Brian Roberts once again hurt himself. After missing most of spring training with a herniated disk in his back, Roberts strained an abdominal muscle while attempting to steal a base. He would eventually score for the Orioles but left the game shortly after scoring the first run in the first inning.

With this newest injury, Roberts could find himself collecting a few paychecks from the bench on the disabled list. The injuries aren’t serious but are the type that heal with rest and that is just what Brian Roberts needs. It’s safe to say that B-Rob won’t be doing any core exercises on P90X for a few weeks.

After his latest injury, Brian Roberts may be able to collect more than a paycheck from the Orioles. During a time where players are honored (and sometimes cursed) to be on the front of the latest video game cover for their respective sport, Roberts could be taking a different approach and tackling a forgotten gaming industry— board games.


And now back to Mike Gonzalez. What the hell is this guy doing out on the mound? He was the only guy to get booed louder than Cito Gaston (for those of you who don’t remember, he was the AL manager who didn’t let Mike Mussina pitch in the 1993 All-Star game at Camden Yards). Apparently after blowing his first save attempt during the first game for the Orioles in Tampa Bay, he hasn’t been able to recover. After almost blowing a save on Thursday, Gonzalez made sure there was no doubt he would make every O’s fan chew off all their fingernails. In just his third appearance in orange, HE BLEW ANOTHER SAVE!!!!

I am not even going to start ranting about how horrible this guy is but I am pretty sure Andy MacPhail has to be questioning his decision to sign this pile of crap to a 2 year/ $12 million deal. The only good news about his contract is that we are only going to have to deal with him for two years at the most.

The Orioles have notoriously been reluctant to sign free agents or trade for high profile players because of salary concerns. Gonzalez is doing nothing to help break down that barrier from the O’s upper brass and probably will cause them to be cheap for a few more years because all signs point to us getting burned with this decision.

Hopefully Gonzalez can turn himself around but it does not look too promising. I suggest the Orioles save a roster space and get every cent out of him by assigning him to the grounds keeping crew.

I vote my new favorite player, Will Ohman as the new closer. We are already saying his name as Gonzalez trots in from the bullpen so why not just appoint him to the position?

We could be looking at the glass as half full or half empty depending on your thoughts, but as a follower on twitter (bm0rioles) points out, every team has to lose a few games per season. Let’s just hope it ends somewhere between 50-70 and the Orioles are just getting a head start.