Derrick Mason: Raven (Again)

Derrick Mason Adds Another Stick of Dynamite to an Explosive WR Corp

Mason Blammo!

Last night, the Ravens added another piece to their potential championship puzzle with the re-addition of WR Derrick Mason. The most consistent wide receiver in Ravens history put his John Hancock on a contract that locks him up for 2 years and $8 million; Derrick will receive $3.5 million in his first year.

Most people wouldn’t consider a player re-signing a big deal, but when your team has constantly been known to struggle on offense (insert Orioles joke here) you look to hold onto any bright spot you can get. Derrick Mason has been doing his best Brett Favre impersonation, constantly contemplating retirement. Everyone in Charm City could understand that his head wasn’t fully into football last year after the sudden tragic death of  Steve McNair,  after his Side-Piece turned him into human swiss cheese.

This year had a different tone. Mason was just coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Colts (Super Bowl LOSERS!) during the playoffs and was physically and emotionally drained. He probably was the only player in the room more pissed off than the bloggers for this fine site.

Mason finally decided that he would not retire but made it clear it wasn’t going to be for anything less than a two year deal. The 13-year NFL veteran said he wanted to make sure he could mentally prepare for two more seasons. I believe he could be trying to cash in for some extra dough before he hangs up the cleats he uses while doing that horrible Michael Jackson touchdown dance; you can take it for what it’s worth.

I personally am just as excited for Mason coming back to the Ravens as I was for the Boldin trade (Ok I’ll admit I didn’t jump up and down and scream like a little school girl when I saw the news) but I’m excited for the possibilities he will create for our other two wide receivers, not to mention what he’ll do as  Joe Flacco’s security blanket.

Mason Blankey!

Defenses will have to not only plan for one of the leagues best rushing attacks, but all sorts of threats at the wide out position. Even if we face teams with great secondary coverage such as the Jets – their cornerbacks, Darrelle Revis and Antonio “If I breathe on you I’ll get your pregnant” Cromartie, will be so preoccupied with our wide receiver threats that Ray Rice will have more holes to run through on a routine basis (not to mention he led the team in receiving last year).

When asked about the return of #85 (not OchoCinco) Ravens Head Coach, John Harbaugh said, “We would have lost something special if Derrick had chosen to go to another team, we have gotten better in the past few days.” I believe every Ravens fan couldn’t agree more. Is it August yet???

8 Responses to “Derrick Mason: Raven (Again)”

  1. David Clow Says:

    fantastic offseason, lofty offseason – now we just need a patented Ozzie draft!

  2. urmom Says:

    i dunno if i like goob blogging on orioles AND ravens

  3. Goob Says:

    I see our readers are drinking some Hater-ade.

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  7. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    GOD BLESS an uncapped season.

  8. thehut Says:

    how bout those north caroline bulldogs

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