MASN-HD: "Every Game*"


Yesterday, I spent my Sunday wandering around Casa Del Goob with my “Free The Birds” t-shirt on looking for something to do. My normal go-to routine when I can escape Mrs. Goob is to run directly to the TV and play some Call of Duty until my retinas burn. Before inflicting potentially blinding eye conditions, I saw on a post from NestMinder on facebook that the Orioles were  about to take the field at Ed Smith Stadium.

I was in such disbelief because MASN-HD has dubbed their new slogan “Every Game” for this upcoming season. I have been thinking they should have added an asterisk (*) to the slogan just like most of the other statements that have been made about baseball within the last 15 years.

The Angelos Network advertisements should read: MASN-HD….(“Every Game” *but spring training)

The Orioles minor leaguers (for the most part) suffered their fourth straight loss yesterday by losing to the Boston Bench Warmers. This loss puts the O’s at a great 1-4 record this spring training.

If MASN televised “Every Game” then we O’s fans would know more about these “Players of the Future” we are always hearing about. I attempted to take notes on a lot of these players but realized that they probably won’t be on the team in a few weeks.

One person whom immediately erased his name off the roster is Armando Gambino. This terd blew a 4-1 lead late in the game and allowed the Red Sux to tie the game at 4 in the 8th. In just 1/3 of an inning, he allowed three runs on four hits. Armando has spent the last five years in the minor leagues and looks like he is greatly wasting his time. If he wants to stay in baseball, I’m sure the grounds crew at Prince Georges Stadium has an opening.

There were a few bright spots yesterday in the game. Nick Markakis went “Smith” again and is looking good in limited at bats in Spring Training. Before he gave up the game winning home run, David Hernandez looked pretty strong. A left handed Sindey Ponson (weight) stunt double Will Ohman and Kam Mickolio tossed scoreless batting practice and Mark Hendrickson retired the side in order.

I was thoroughly impressed with non-roster invitee, Miguel Abreu. He went 2-3 from the plate with two singles and a stolen base. Miguel also had an RBI and made two fantastic plays from second base.

Realizing this is spring training for everyone–even my writing skills, I did happen to pick up on a few other notes from the game which may be more interesting than my game recap.

Josh Bell didn’t sound too excited about being at spring training or a part of the Orioles for that matter. He didn’t really smile once while being interviewed by Amber Theoharis in the dugout. I don’t care if I was playing on the bench in Delmarva, if Amber is talking, I’m smiling!!!!

(Ok it’s not the Red Sox hat but you get the point)

Boston Red SAAAAWWKS have fans FAWKING everywhere. Sarasota looked like Camden Yards yesterday with half of the bleachers filled with people in hats that I only see in fair-weather baseball fans or rappers.

Gary Thorne showed that it’s not just spring training for the players, it also goes for broadcasters as well. As cameras zoomed into a child sitting with her mother in the stands, Gary mentioned it was a great day to be at the ballpark with your father. I don’t care how rusty you are, gender identification is something you shouldn’t mess up.

New spring training facility Ed Smith Stadium will be getting a facelift this off season and will become a state of the art facility. I’m not sure how it really works but I hope to God the city of Sarasota foots the bill for this kind of thing and the Orioles don’t have to invest a lot of money. Compared to their old home in Ft. Lauderdale the past 15 years, Ed Smith Stadium offers a lot more amenities then the crap they were previously subjected to. From the first looks of the stadium, it looks pretty decent. If the Orioles dump millions into some eye candy for Florida travelers and don’t put more money into bringing top notch talent to this team, I’m going to get pissed!


    6 Responses to “MASN-HD: "Every Game*"”

    1. Bob Arnold Says:

      Good job Goob

    2. Goob Says:

      thanks Bob, I forgot to mention that the Red Sox have a pitcher named “Boof”. I thought you’d appreciate that

    3. mark Says:

      Verizon is not carrying MASN HD-2 so they will have to share time with Nats on MASN HD-1. So we will see nowhere close to all games in HD. We’ll see maybe 40, not 162.

    4. NestMinder Says:

      Mark, I have Verizon too…SOOOO BItter last night when I saw that we weren’t going to have MASN2 games in HD. I’m hoping enough people call that Verizon adds it ASAP.

    5. Goob Says:

      I could at least watch the game but the picture looked like total ass on DirecTV. Something is better than nothing but if the team is gonna be shitty, I’d prefer to watch a clear picture.

    6. mark Says:

      MASN should not be advertising that all Os games are in HD, when only Comcast is showing all the games. Verizon is not and the MASN ad is deceptive. MASN knew Verizon wasn’t going have two HD channels.

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