Spring Training= Glorified Batting Practice

Yes that’s right, the O’s have officially started playing exhibition games – basically,  facing prospects other than their own in games that mean practically nothing. A few Orioles young’uns treated the 12-2 whooping of the Tampa Bay Ray’s as exactly what it was— a glorified batting practice.

If chicks dig the long ball, yesterday was the game to watch because the O’s went deep six times.Two O’s will be picking up the majority of early spring break college chicks visiting Florida – Josh Bell and Rhyne Hughes. Bell and Hughes each homered twice yesterday in the batting practice session.

Also going “Smith” (get it? since they aren’t playing in Camden Yards yet…), were Scott Moore and a man who somehow escaped the FBI Terrorist Watch List, Nick Markakis.

Former O’s ace Jeremy Guthrie tossed himself two scoreless innings before turning over the patting practice throwing duties to Cla Meredith, David Hernandez and my new favorite Oriole, Willie Ohman. (I need to get his jersey ASAP).

This afternoon, perhaps the Orioles’ brightest hope for the future, LHP Brian Matusz, will take the hill and face the Rays again. Matusz is one of many reasons to be excited about baseball season this year and is ranked 5th on MLB.com’s Top 50 Prospects for 2010.


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