Bergesen Injured Shooting MASN Commercial

Brad Bergesen, one of the O’s bright spots from the dismal 2009 campaign and contender for a #3 or perhaps #2 spot in the 2010 rotation, will miss a few days of spring training after injuring his throwing shoulder.

While filming a commercial for MASN.

Here’s the commercial, for the hell of it:

Bergeson told Roch Kubatko of that he had properly warmed up for the shoot, but pretty much over-exerted himself.

From Roch’s blog:

“It’s just as much my fault as anybody else’s. I got caught up in the moment,” he said.

“I think it was a combination of not building up my arm enough and being tight, and I just tweaked something. But if everything goes as planned, I’m not going to miss any time in the season.

Bergesen has been told that he should be on the same schedule as the other pitchers in camp by the middle of March.

“The stuff (athletic trainers) Richie Bancells and Brian Ebel have me doing is unbelievable, the progress I’ve made,” he said. “I’ve thrown six times now and it’s gone better and better every time.”

Ugh. Not even spring training yet and already some bad luck-type news coming from “Birdland.”

Drew Forrester of WNST (whom some would call an unabahsed O’s hater – I’m not one of them) asked this:

…who within the Orioles organization knew of this commercial being shot? Anyone?

For all we know, the folks at MASN might have sidestepped the O’s executive ladder and just obtained Bergesen’s number through a PR staffer. Why wasn’t someone from baseball operations on hand at the shooting to make sure Bergesen didn’t – ahem – injure his shoulder?

A fair question, no matter what you may think of Drew’s opinions on the O’s.

As for us, we can only shake our heads.

That, and wish Bergy a speedy recovery.


2 Responses to “Bergesen Injured Shooting MASN Commercial”

  1. Goob Says:

    BLAME PETER ANGELOSE!!!!!! Always trying to get more press for his shitty TV network. Why doesn’t he make some headlines but not having such “high school tv show” quality sets for Ravens coverage. I could go to damn Kinkos and make up a better logo and backgrounds for the shit he puts on his network.

    No wonder Keith Mills was addicted to pills, I’d have to be all messed up too to go work on those shitty sets and also sit next to oafy Mike Flynn. If you are happy with MASN’s coverage of the Ravens, you need to go watch some TV programs from other teams in the NFL, they have iPods compared to our portable walkman that eats your tapes.

  2. Goob Says:

    also….I’m surprised he didn’t trip and fall on one of those balls laying on the field as he walks out of the set. And what a shitty concept for a commercial:

    “Hey Brad, we have this great idea. We’re going to make you pitch in a basement so it looks like you’re practicing in the off season. It’s so realistic because —get it—- YOU ARE PRACTICING! Harf Harf Harf Chuckle Chuckle.”

    Maybe they should do something edgy to get some more ratings. I vote we have Brad laying in bed dreaming about how excited he is to pitch next year and talking about how much he loves the orioles. Then we’ll see a cloud box popping out of his head and instead of him counting sheep, he is bending the Oriole Bird over and banging him. That’s excitement for baseball season and that’s ratings my friend! Brad having an Oriolegasim!!!!!

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