Steelers 23 Ravens 20 (The NEGATED BY PENALTY Game)

Mason Drop

I honestly can’t remember a game that included such ridiculous stomach-churning, caused by great highs followed immediately by crushing lows.

With the Ravens having just cut Pittsburgh’s lead to 20-17 in the third quarter, on the first play after the kickoff, Dominique Foxworth intercepted Baby Ben and returned in 46 yards for a touchdown. Suddenly, the Ravens had their first lead of the day.

Touchdown NEGATED by a retarded block-in-the-back by Terrell Suggs that served absolutely no purpose at all.

They would manage just a field goal after the penalty, tying the game at 20.

Five minutes later, with the game still tied, Willis McGahee broke free around the left side of the line and raced 15 yards into the end zone, putting the Ravens up 26-20. Or so it seemed, until the little yellow “flag” flashed on our screens.

Touchdown NEGATED by a Kelley Washington hold, that again, affected the play in no way – Willis was in whether he holds or not there. Simply getting in the way would have been enough.

Two plays later, Derrick Mason sprints 21 yards into the end zone, wiiiiiiide open, and Flacco lays it right in his gut. Or, it would have hit his gut, had his facemask not gotten in the way.

Touchdown pass DROPPED.

After the drop, the second should-have-been touchdown in three plays, the Ravens self destructed, going from 1st-and-10 at the Pit 21 to 4th-and-30 at the 41, on the shoulders of illegal formation and personal foul penalties.

And, last, but not least….

Pittsburgh facing 3rd-and-11 at the two minute warning, up by 3, the Ravens needing a stop to cling to any semblance of hope. Baby Ben fades back, avoids Trevor Pryce, and heaves up an ill-advised pass that was intercepted by Tom Zbikowski, and returned to the Pittsburgh 42. The Ravens now need just a few yards to attempt the game-tying FG to force overtime, or could win with a touchdown.

Interception NEGATED by illegal contact on Frank Walker.

On the play, Mike Wallace ran right into Walker’s arms, the two embraced in a sort of post-Christmas hug for a second, and then the pass flew. Not only does Walker have every right to that space that Wallace does, the fact that Roethlisberger was running around like a chicken with his head cut off makes it perfectly acceptable for Frank to make contact more than 5 yards down the field.

For the second week in a row, Baby Ben threw what should have been a game-changing interception in the final minutes, only to be bailed out by the guys in stripes.

On the day, the Ravens racked up 11 penalties for 113 yards. The Steelers, meanwhile, had 4 for 20 (heh, 420).

Two of those calls were inexcusable personal fouls, one on Oneil Cousins, and the other on Haloti Ngata. On Ngata’s, it was Daren Stone all over again.

For a guy that wants to come off as a disciplinarian, John Harbaugh continues to prove that he has absolutely no control over his team. According to WNST morning show host Drew Forrester, Walker was out on the field during warm ups waving a terrible towel, taunting the Steelers. Excusing for a second that FRANK FREAKING WALKER has no business taunting anybody; let’s ask the question of why the hell Harbaugh is allowing his guys to do that kind of Bush league high school crap.

Week after week, the Ravens rack up high double and triple digits in penalty yards.

Week after week, they make stupid, undisciplined errors, resulting in yellow flying from the skies like the snow was last Saturday.

And, week after week, there seems to be no accountability for these errors, as the same guys (cough, NGATAWALKER, cough) are the culprits.

Haloti Ngata is a great player, no doubt about it, but for a guy that just registered his first sack of the season in Week 16, he needs to be told to cut out the bone-headed personal fouls or that big contract he is looking for will be from a team that plays far from Charm City.

Harbaugh has now had nearly two full seasons to back up his tough talk about accountability and discipline. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, and the Ravens pudding seems to still be missing some key ingredients.

Another thing the head ball coach has had two years to figure out is this clock thing. At the end of the first half, Pittsburgh faced 3rd-and-12 from their own 4 yard line. There was about 1:50 on the clock when the 2nd down play ended. Had the Ravens called timeout, they could have gotten their ish together on the sideline, put in the correct personnel, sold out against the pass, and in all likelihood, gotten the ball back with great field position and over 1:30 to work with.

Instead, John the dumb dumb kept his timeouts in his pocket, the Steelers gladly let the clock tick down to 1:11 before snapping it, Terrell Suggs idiotically jumped offsides, and Fat Ben took advantage with a free-play Hail Mary down the right sideline.

Four plays later, Santonio Holmes scored a touchdown in his 4358345983450th straight game against the Ravens, and the teams went into the locker room with the score 20-10.

Face, meet palm.

Along with ALLLL of that, throw in the fact that the Ravens gave the Steelers THREE short fields in the first quarter (an interception when Flacco was hit as he threw, a big kickoff return, and a shanked punt), directly leading to 13 points, and it is painfully obvious that the Ravens gave this game away. They were the better team than Pittsburgh, despite what the wannabe yinzer in the cubicle next to you is trying to tell you this morning.

They continue to remind us, however, that they just don’t know HOW to win. This game was another in the painfully long string of “couldda, wouldda, shoulddas” that this season has seen, from the first Cincinnati game, to New England, to Minnesota, and now to the City of Lucky Champions.


Ok, all that aside, there were some positives yesterday.

Most notably was Ray Rice (of course), who ran for 141 yards on 30 carries, the first back to break the century mark against the Steelers since 2007, breaking the longest current streak in the NFL.

Todd Heap has his second straight two TD performance, and Flacco seems to have no qualms about going to #86 when he needs a big play.

The pass rush was decent, as the Ravens sacked Roethlisberger 4 times, 2.5 coming from the defensive line.

Perhaps the most important positive for the Ravens yesterday, though, came not in western Pennsylvania, but on the other side of the state, in Philadelphia. Let’s all thank the Eagles for holding off a furious rally from the Broncos. By virtue of that game, there are still no 9-win non-division winners in the AFC, and the Ravens WILL be in the playoffs with a win in Oakland next week.

For a full explanation, read Glenn Clark’s thesis here.

Win, and we’re in. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. The same cannot be said for those bad guys in yellow and black, who need to win in Miami AND to get more than a little help, to see the postseason.

Steeler Fan


27 Responses to “Steelers 23 Ravens 20 (The NEGATED BY PENALTY Game)”

  1. Matt Says:

    Ape must be a total hit with the ladies with that hat and beer gut. Who really cares about the game the Ravens will be in the playoffs if they beat the Raiders and the Steelers will be playing Golf next week. Just make sure Ben doesn’t rape any resort workers eventhough he is now sporting a rapey mustache

  2. Christmas Ape Says:

    Just to be clear: Have the Ravens ever lost a game in which they weren’t “cheated” by the refs? Ever?

    The Steelers gave away points early (Mendenhall’s dropped TD, missed open passes on Baltimore’s side of the field) and the Ravens did it late. The Ravens didn’t give the game away and they didn’t get screwed. They simply came up short in a fairly sloppy game.


    The fact that every single Baltimore defeat is met with the same niggling dissection of correctly made calls only serves to reinforce that Ravens fans are the most childish in sports. They supposedly kick ass when they win and yet they’re royally jobbed in defeat. Never changes.

    And of course creepy obsessive Matt follows up Nest’s predictable tirade by namechecking me (Just make sure Suggs doesn’t drown any more women in bleach!). Gotta love that I’m still more popular than Nest on his own site.

  3. Christmas Ape Says:

    And you’re right – Steelers fans are such fat rubes. Nothing like these soigne gents.


    Seriously, just say something about Foxworth getting away with pulling Santonio’s arm on his pick, or about Mason’s uncalled catch and fumble. Just so you can pretend like you’re not a joke.

  4. NestMinder Says:

    There was one…in San Diego in 07 I believe. They legitmately lost that one.

    Its a game RECAP. Where I, uh, I dunno, RECAP what happened. Penalties happened. Drops happened. I called out the players for being stupid. I called out the coach for not understanding how to use timeouts. I called out the refs for not knowing the rules. Officiating is jokingly terrible league-wide. The refs need to become full time employees, like yesterday.

    Sorry, next time I’ll make sure to ignore everything that happened, instead reprinting the box score, so as to not be chastised for “whining.”

    Only you could fine-toothed comb your way through that 1200 word post and conclude that I’m blaming the refs for everything. You see what your biased self wants to see.

    If Ravens fans are the most childish, then Steelers fans are the most annoyingly entitled (see: the asshats at DCSN saying the Steelers “deserve” to be in the Playoffs. see: my brother-in-law-to-be predicting a Steelers cakewalk through said Playoffs if they luck into a spot).

  5. steve Says:

    I read this and thought it was an accurate recap of the game…we lost it…just like we lost at Minnesota because of a missed FG, we lost because of a drop at NE, and we lost the first game at home vs Cinci because of dumb penalties.

    There have been bad calls in some of the games, but we deserve to lose all of these games due to our inability to execute. And Harbs needs to be held accountable for the penalties…

  6. Matt Says:

    Does anyone see the irony of Ape chastising Ravens fans for being a bunch of whiny bitches when he acts like a whiny bitch? I bring him up because its an entertaining way to get through the day at work. There nothing more fun than riling up a Steelers fanboy with a blog at the expense of the Federal Government. I may be out of the loop but what the Suggs bleach thing I don’t remember hearing much about it.

  7. NestMinder Says:

    @ Matt:

  8. Matt Says:

    Wow…that is pretty fucked up if it’s true. A few things bother me in that article. How come she never press charges? Also $70 millon dollars sounds a bit extreme, I ain’t sayin she’s a golddigger…

  9. NestMinder Says:

    Matt, as soon as she decided to sue instead of press charges, I knew she was full of shit.

    If somebody really assaulted you and your baby, wouldn’t you want him behind bars?

    It’s actually eerily similar to the Rapey Fat Ben situation. No evidence, just “gimme money” from some floozy.

  10. Matt Says:

    My nominee for who played least like a Raven is Oneil Cousins who had a stupid penality and nearly got Flacco killed. Played like a Raven? Heap I guess. Who is having susprising a resurging year.

  11. NestMinder Says:

    Looks like we’re on the same page again. Probably throw Mason in with Cousins.

  12. Matt Says:

    No Mason played okay 7 catches 77 yards. Just that stupid drop. You can put that POS Frank Walker in there I cannot wait until he is on the streets. He maybe my least favorite Raven of all time

  13. Matt Says:

    Does anyone else want to pour bleach down Christmas Ape’s throat? Nobody else deserves to be bleached more than shithead Steelers fans who never lived near Pittsburgh in their lives.

  14. ToBe Says:

    Not predicting a “Steelers cakewalk”, just simply stating the AFC seems weaker now than I can ever remember. I believe the NFC is the better conference this year. You can’t say this wouldn’t be a great year to be the 5/6 seed with the potential to face the Bengals. Sure they were 6-0 against the AFC North but they have struggled down the stretch.

    Agree with most of the recap, there are clearly LEAGUE-WIDE officiating issues. Anyone can easily point to 5+ plays in which questionable calls went against their team. Both the Ravens and Steelers have been on the wrong end of numerous close games. The inability to finish a game is the main reason neither is a great team this year.

  15. NestMinder Says:

    The NFC is ridiculously top-heavy though. And now even those two top teams look very vulnerable.

    The wide-open playoff race in the AFC, even into Weeks 16 and 17, I think still justifies it as the stronger conference, overall. I think there was only 1 team “in the hunt” in the NFC going into this week, the Giants, and with their loss, the NFC playoff teams (though not seeds) are set.

  16. Matt Says:

    The AFC is pretty weak this year and I think the NFC is a pretty strong. If the Steelers get in I don’t think they would make it past New England. I think Brady would kill that secondary and it would be in Foxboro.

  17. Christmas Ape Says:

    Wasn’t Matt the guy who impersonated me on this site a few months back? Why are you still talking about me? You really have a creepy fixation, dude.

  18. Matt Says:

    Nah I just like pissing people off

  19. NestMinder Says:

    Steelers fans are such fat rubes. Nothing like these soigne gents.

    You found ugly people on YouTube? You super sleuth…that new Sherlock Holmes movie must be about you, huh?

    Counterpoint –

    Steelers fan:

    Ravens fan:

    Also, this:

    (yes, for that last one, I eagerly await the Ravens fan one too)

  20. Matt Says:

    Ape is just jealous that you and me have health insurance and 401Ks. I don’t think blogging offers those benefits.

  21. NestMinder Says:

    Haha…let’s not go there.

    I think I’m much more jealous that he gets to wake up whenever he wants and blog about football for a living.

  22. Matt Says:

    Lets not get too crazy Nest. Its not like he is Peter King or Bill Simmons he goes by a obscure SImpsons reference.

  23. Christmas Ape Says:

    Sad little obsessive loser Matt is STILL talking about me. Funny that even though Nest shows up in the first comment of recaps at DC Steeler Nation to whine about the refs, none of my readers give a shit about him.

    I have health insurance. I also have a completely paid for trip to Miami for the Super Bowl courtesy of The Sporting News. The life of a blogger ain’t so bad.

    And “Christmas Ape” isn’t what appears on the cover of my book.

    But go ahead and continue talking about me and my life, Matt. I know you don’t have shit else going on.

  24. Matt Says:

    To be honest I really don’t give a rats ass about you. Just that you show up here and is easy to make fun of. You got a free trip to Super Bowl? What do you want a cookie?

  25. Matt Says:

    If I was going to stalk somebody don’t you think I’d stalk somebody more important than a jackass with a blog. Everybody’s got a blog even my Mom

  26. Steve Ravens365 Says:

    I’m not sweating this loss, Pittsburgh still needs the second coming of Christ to make it to the playoff, we win and we’re in and all we have to do is beat Oakland. Unlike Pittsburgh, we don’t lose to shitty teams, as Harbaugh is undefeated against teams with losing records…way to defend that Super Bowl, Steelers, watch out for those Browns next year! Go cry in your Iron City piss water and french fry sandwitches as you slob on Ben’s knob riding a two game winning streak! Please, you can bury the Steelers this season

  27. brooklynn Says:

    i love the steelers : D

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