Kyle Boller – Cosmo Boy


Any of you who, like me, have as your homepage, woke up to the image of Kyle “Ray Liotta” Boller’s smiling face this morning. Kyle, who has dated such stars as Tara Reid (barf) in the past, and is now reportedly with Miss USA 2009 runner-up Carrie Prejean, shared some tips with Cosmopolitan Magazine for all you aspiring ladies’ men.


Kind of seems more like a tip for the ladies that want to get with Kyle (“don’t smoke”) than advice for other dudes. Well played, Mr. Boller.


7 Responses to “Kyle Boller – Cosmo Boy”

  1. Realist Says:

    Kyle Boller is an NFL Star? Did I miss the boat on this one?

  2. urmom Says:

    current NFL Star(ter)

  3. Goob Says:

    Check out his chest hair sandwich in the picture… must be nice in the winter to have a coat like that

  4. Goob Says:

    Well Bob, I guess you’re out of the running for this sweet piece of man meat… he doesn’t like smokers 😦

  5. The Future Mrs. Kyle Boller Says:

    Finally, a solution to get me to stop smoking!! I haven’t lit up since reading that article this morning!

  6. Steve CityThatReeds Says:

    who is publicist for whatever event he was at that in that picture said “we need have Kyle Boller on the guest list for this event! He’s the backup quarterback for the St. Louis Rams!!”. Are you kidding me??

  7. NestMinder Says:

    He was probably dragged along to the event by his much-more-famous girlfriend.

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