Lookalikes! Packers Edition

A nice side effect of the Ravens’ next three games being against teams in the NFC North is that we get a chance to scan some unfamiliar rosters for goofy-and-familiar-looking mofos. Fun!

First up is Monday’s opponent, the Green Bay Packers. We start off with kicker Mason Crosby, who starred in the Transformers movies, and has also apparently been cheating on his girlfriend, Fergie.


Third-down running back Brandon Jackson has been playing extremely well, especially considering he’s been shot nine times. Or maybe he was just separated at birth from his twin, Curtis.


One interesting thing we realized while scanning the interwebs for pictures of Green Bay players – Aaron Rodgers is the man of 1,000,000 looks. No wonder it took him so many years to get on the field for the Packers! It had nothing to do with Brett Favre, and everything to do with Coach Mike McCarthy thinking he had a revolving door of backup QB’s, not just that one guy that got drafted a while back.

There’s “young Aaron,” who moonlights as “Ryan” on “The Office” on NBC:


Then we have mustachioed Aaron:


And, last, but certainly not least, Aaron the lead singer of “Creed.”



I’LL THROW THE BALL TO Eh-Ed REEEEEEEEEED! doodoodoodoodeeeeeee


One Response to “Lookalikes! Packers Edition”

  1. Steve CityThatReeds Says:

    I like the guitar riffs put in for emphasis..well done, sir

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