Heyyyyyyyyy Joe!

Hey Joe

Between now and Week 16, when the Ravens meet the Steelers again, and soft-spoken, flake-free sprite Troy Polamalu is likely on the field, I’d like Joe Flacco to put “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix on repeat on his iPod.

Only, when Jimi sings this line:

Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that gun in your hand?

I want Joe to hear this:

Hey Joe, quit throwin’ the ball to that Polynesian man!

Flacco, as we’ll see below, even managed to give Polamalu a sideline interception when #43 was in sweats.

Sideline Pick 1

This was on the Ravens’ second drive, on a 3rd down attempt that failed and resulted in a punt back to the Steelers, who would tie the game at 7 on the ensuing possession. Maybe the game would have unfolded a little differently (and less stressfully), if waste-of-space L.J. Smith had not pulled a “Foxworth” and tripped over his own feet coming out of his break when he would have been uncovered for a first down.

Sideline Pick 2

With L.J. down, Flacco felt his pocket-clock ticking, and decided to throw the ball away and bring on Sam Koch.

Sideline Pick 3

Sideline Pick 4

The ball, of course, was pulled in out-of-bounds by the inactive Polamalu. Can’t believe Collinsworth and Michaels didn’t take this opportunity to chastise Flacco for not seeing him there.

“You need to account for Troy Polamalu on EVERY SNAP! EVEN IF HE IS NOT ON THE FIELD!”

Sing it with me Joe.

Hey Joe, quit throwin’ the ball to that Polynesian man!


One Response to “Heyyyyyyyyy Joe!”

  1. URMOM Says:

    Haha.. I forgot about that, I’m glad you brought it up. Between the SNF booth and Flacco, it looks like everyone is overlooking Troy Polygonu. Collinsworth was probably too busy talking about his beloved Bengals.

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