Lookalikes! Colts Edition

The Indianapolis Irsays make their way to town this week, going for their seventh straight win over Baltimore’s new team. The Colts “look” pretty unstoppable this season, owners of a 9-0 record and fresh off one of the most exciting victories in recent memory. Things “look” pretty bleak for our Ravens this week, but fortunately, we can always distract ourselves by pointing and laughing at all the goofy looking players on the opposing roster.

So, without further adieu, Lookalikes! Colts edition:

Our first contestant is currently out with a knee injury, so he won’t be taking the field this Sunday.


If the Colts have a “Captain Ugly” contest in training camp like the Ravens do, wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez has to be a shoo-in perennial winner.


Hmm…hang on. Something’s not quite right.


THERE we go.

Stepping in for Gonzalez in the role of “token white WR” on Indy has been rookie Austin Collie. One interesting side effect of the MySpace/Facebook social media revolution is that you have all these suddenly famous young athletes/actors/whatever, who were not famous at all just a year or two ago, that used these sites just like the rest of us every day saps. Which leads to pictures like this one being readily available.


Yes, that’s Austin Collie on the left, hopefully on Halloween. The sad part? He probably won’t even need that tiny little axe to “dice up” Dominique Foxworth and Fabian Washington. Sigh….

Moving along down the Colts roster, we find rookie 3rd-string quarterback Curtis Painter, who is about as close to a real-life “Butters” from South Park as we’ve ever seen.


While fellow pass-rusher extraordinaire Dwight Freeney prefers to use his patented “spin” moves on the field, defensive end Robert Mathis does his turning as “U-Turn” in the Showtime series “Weeds.”

U Turn

And last, but certainly not least, no Lookalikes! Colts edition would be complete without throwing in their fearless leader, Peyton Manning. Manning look-a-likes are scattered all throughout the internet though, so there is really nothing we could add that hasn’t already been done. (Ed. Note – this has probably already been done too. Oh well.)

Or is there?

Recently, Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher caught a bunch of flack for wearing a Peyton Manning (who plays for a division rival) jersey to a charity event.

Now, we can definitely understand Titans’ fans’ anger here. But let us not forget, Fisher was just following suit – Peyton has been dressing up like Jeff Fisher for years now.


At least Fisher didn’t go on television in costume.


One Response to “Lookalikes! Colts Edition”

  1. URMOM Says:

    You know another good look alike????

    Matt Stover and Benedict Arnold. Any relation Nestminder?

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