Lookalikes! Browns Edition 2K9

With former head coach Romeo Crennel banished to the world of no-longer-funny Coors Light commercials, we can’t dedicate an entire Lookalikes! post to his goofy lookin’ mug like we did last year.

So, we had to dig a bit deeper down Cleveland’s roster this time around. Luckily though, and to the surprise of exactly nobody, the NFL’s most woeful franchise still have more than their share of Lookalike!-fodder.

The Browns’ struggles in 2009 all start at the top, with their new (and already “Lame Duck”) head coach, Eric Mangini. Mangini, despite being by all accounts 100% humorless himself, looks strikingly similar to comedian Kevin James.


Since the team themselves are nothing short of a 4-hour sitcom on Sundays, Mangini isn’t the only one that looks like a member of prime time “ha ha” television. Defensive back Nick Sorenson has been seen in such movies as “Beerfest,” “Cellular,” and “Dumb and Dumberer,” as well as the sitcom “The Loop” on FOX. Currently, he can be found intercepting absolutely nobody as “Vaughn” on the new NBC comedy “Community” with Chevy Chase and Joel McHale.


The phrase “taking the Browns to the Super Bowl” has been used as a euphemism for going #2. Well, since it’s painfully obvious that there are no “Super Bowls” anywhere in the foreseeable future for Cleveland, Browns linebacker David Veikune has kindly offered up his head as a defecation receptacle.


Way to take one for the team, shithead.

HEY! Here’s something different – a Lookalike! of newly re-minted starting quarterback Brady Quinn, WITHOUT HIS HAND ON ANOTHER MAN’S CROTCH! Instead, it looks as if he is already well prepared for his next career, as the [insert other genre of adult film here] equivalent of porn star Peter North.


Finally, we have wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi. Were Massaquoi a character in the 2004 film “Team America: World Police,” he would fit in extremely well running around yelling “a durkadurkadurka muhammed jihad! durka lerka durka!”



6 Responses to “Lookalikes! Browns Edition 2K9”

  1. Matt Says:

    Nest, nothing about Jamal? Jamal said earlier this week he wants to retire as a Raven and wants people to think of him as a Raven. Not even a picture of Jamal in a Browns uniform and and in happier times in a Ravens uniform

  2. NestMinder Says:

    The beauty of it is that Jamal in Cleveland looks NOTHING like Jamal in Baltimore.

  3. Matt Says:

    Also the “Mangenius” looks like Kevin James not Kevin Johns who ever that is.

  4. NestMinder Says:

    haha, good catch Matt. Kevin Johns was an old boss of mine in college. And, interestingly enough, he would kind of fit in with the Mangini-James lookalike.

  5. Thomas Crowley Says:

    We’ll beat the browns atleast i think so.

  6. urmom Says:

    Racism and Ravens that is MD football!

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