Play Like a Raven – Week 4


Played Like a Raven – Terrell Suggs


With the Ravens trailing 17-7, and having just punted the ball back to New England, giving Tom Brady a chance to really put the game away early in the 2nd half, T-Sizzle came through with the play of the day for B’More. Brady dropped back to pass, Suggs b-slapped New England left tackle Matt Light, and proceeded to do his best James Harrison impression (hey, I hate to admit it, but that guy is making a living off this exact play) by stripping the ball from Brady just as he went to release it. The pigskin rolled into the end zone, where Dwan Edwards fell on it to bring the Ravens to within 3 – and the game was tense for the remainder.

On the play, Sizzle became the Ravens all-time leader in sack yardage with 437 yards. Suggs now has 2.5 sacks through 4 games – a pace, if he can keep it up, that would give him double digit sacks in a season for the first time since 2004.

Did Not Play Like a Raven – Mark Clayton & Chris Carr


While there were plenty of Ravens to touch the ball in between these two, the game in New England basically came down to:

  • The first Raven to touch the ball; and
  • The final Raven to touch the ball.

The first Raven to touch the ball, Carr, made the ill-advised decision to bring the opening kickoff out from 5 yards deep in the end zone. He proceeded to make it to only the Baltimore 18 yard line before being hit and fumbling the ball away to the Patriots, setting up their extremely early 3-0 lead. Later in the half, he again returned a ball that he could have simply knelt for a touchback on, only getting to the 24. Carr was replaced by Ledarius Webb before halftime; Webb twice took touchbacks, but also threw in a 38 yard return on his only attempt – 3 yards shy of Carr’s longest on the season. Carr is averaging only 24.5 yard per kick return in 2009 – unfortunately that is right on par with his career average of 24.7 (Yamon Figurs averaged 24.7 ypr for the Ravens in 2007; in 2008 his number dropped to 21.0.)

The final Raven to touch the ball, Clayton, is the obvious goat. It was a shame, too, as Clayton was having his best game since the opener against Kansas City, when he pulled in 5 passes for 77 yards and 1 TD. He had managed only 4 catches for 55 yards total in the games against San Diego and Cleveland, but was up to 5 receptions for 45 yards (3 coming on the final drive) when his potential 6th bounced off his numbers and ended the Ravens’ comeback bid. Actually, Clayton had his potential 6th reception bounce off his hands not once, but TWICE – the first time in the end zone 3 plays prior. Admittedly, that first catch would have required a much higher level of difficulty, but I get the feeling that up at the World Wide Leader, Cris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson were smiling and nodding at one another.


8 Responses to “Play Like a Raven – Week 4”

  1. Grape Ape Says:

    I’d have to disagree with Clayton as the goat of the game. Clayton accepted his screw up and is handling the after effects like a man. To me that is what being a Raven is all about. My goat of the game is Chris Carr, you have no right fumbling the ball on the opening kickoff deep in Ravens territory on the road against one of the elite QB’s of the decade. The Ravens were lucky to only give up 3 points during that drive. If Carr didn’t fumble I think the complexity of the game would have changed and we wouldn’t mention Clayton’s drop.

    I love Sizzle and I think he is the man. But I have to give the player of the game to Michael Oher he took over the LT position after that scary incident with Gaither and played expectionally well. I shudder to think what would of happen if Ozzie didn’t draft him.

    Finally the biggest Goats of the game were the Refs. Its very telling that nobody on the Ravens were fined for comments about the referees and the national media is are still pissed about the calls. The Ngata call was kinda agreeable and Brady was just being a pussy on the Suggs call. That also caused the Patriots to score 14 points. Either that or its a “GIANT CONSPIRACY” against the Ravens. Which the real or the fake Ape would say.

  2. Goob Says:

    Did Carr say he’s sorry?

  3. Grape Ape (Formerly Matt) Says:

    I have some sad news though. Former Ravens linebacker Tony Fein died. He was the Iraq War veteran who was on the team as a free agent earlier this year. Apparently it was a suicide case and suicide rates amongst soldiers has been very high.,0,1521226.story

  4. NestMinder Says:

    Yeah, I heard about it, but didn’t think it was real appropriate to post on.

    I did, however, delete our post that we had put up when he had his altercation down the harbor.

  5. Grape Ape (Formerly Matt) Says:

    Nest I understand I know its a primarily a humor site but suicide rates amongst soldiers is a serious issue and being aware of it is very important. But in a much lighter note? How do we feel about an MLS team in Baltimore?,0,7674752.story

    I think it would be awesome. Just got to stick with the black bird theme. The Baltimore Buzzards?

  6. NestMinder Says:

    Honestly I don’t have much interest in soccer, unless it’s the world cup. But I know people who have gone to DC United games and said it was a blast, so I wouldn’t be against it.

    Something people fail to realize is that DC stole a team of ours – the professional lacrosse Baltimore Bayhawks went to DC. So we owe them. I’m sure Ravens haters would love that we are going to “steal” another team.

    Personally, I think a new arena is more pressing than a new stadium, but mayors gotta build something I guess.

  7. Grape Ape Says:

    Actually the Bayhawks are now in Annapolis. So my hometown stole it from DC. I rather have a new arena and a NBA team. Maybe Baltimore can steal Lebron James. We have a proven track record of stealing things from Cleveland. Why not steal the most important person in Cleveland sports since Jim Brown.

    I enjoy Soccer and have been to some United games and I think it would be fun to have an MLS team in Baltimore. Sure it would mean more work with your site for having another professional team in Baltimore.

  8. urmom Says:

    I guess the DC United mascot is the eagle.. so it would fit in.

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